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What Kind Of Creeps Would Burn In Effigy A U.S. Soldier?

I got an e-mail recently which just about made me throw up. I don’t throw up easily. I like to keep what’s inside of me there, unless it’s supposed to leave, but this pretty much almost put me over the edge, because my baby’s over there.This is from Kathleen. She says:I hope you inform your listeners about the anti-war protestors in Portland who burned in effigy a United States soldier. I can’t even find the words that would be printable to describe how I feel. Well, I have the words, but let me finish her letter:

A car was allowed to pass through a checkpoint in Iraq, because the car had two children in the back seat. The adults got by the checkpoint, left the car, and blew it up, with the children in it. Continue reading

Calling People Names Is Bad… Not Being Able To Handle Being Called Names Is Worse

I got an e-mail that I thought was terrific to comment on. I think it brings up something incredible that has changed in our society. So I want to (as I usually try to do in these situations) make it a “bigger picture” issue.Right now, I personally boycott any website, blog, newspaper, or magazine that has any posts in it that are anonymous. I think anonymity is one of the greatest assaults we’ve had on the dignity of thought and the properness of speech. People write the most nauseating, hateful, ugly, nasty stuff and get away with it, because they’re anonymous. Discourse is dropped; people are attacked – it’s awful. So I personally won’t look at any site, newspaper or magazine that does that routinely, and I don’t think you should either. I think if you’re not going to stand by what you’re saying, then it isn’t worth reading or hearing about. If you’re that cowardly, your opinion is meaningless, or should be held such, by reasonable people. And then “Mark” sent this. This is a reasonable question, but I bet Mark is a lot younger than me. And I’ll tell you how I know that at the end: Continue reading

No Intelligent, Rational Person is for War, Except….

The following is an excerpt from my radio program from last week:Dr. Laura: Jay, welcome to the program.Jay: Doctor, thank you very much for taking my call, ma’am.

Dr. Laura: My pleasure.

Jay: I am an ex-military soldier with a loss of limb, and I’m having a difficult time reconciling between being revered as (quote) “a war hero” and reviled as an oppressor. Friends, family…

Dr. Laura: Who reviles you as an oppressor?

Jay:   Believe it or not, my family.

Dr. Laura: You mean your mother and father?

Jay: And my sister as well.

Dr. Laura: Who do they think you oppressed? I mean, how stupid is your family? Continue reading