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Setting The Record Straight On Military Wives

On Friday, May 11th, I was in Salt Lake City doing my radio program at Fort Douglas to honor Military Moms for Mother’s Day.  Just before the three-hour live broadcast, I was interviewed by Matthew D. LaPlante for the Salt Lake Tribune; ostensibly about Military Moms.  I don’t remember him asking me even one question about that.
     His article was published the next day with the headline, “Dr. Laura to G.I. wives: No Whining.”  Although this interview went over one-half hour, and I covered a wide range of subjects pertinent to military families and the war, he chose a comment, one that I’ve made before many times on the air, to make the primary focus of his article – and, he took it out of the entire context of my remarks. Continue reading

Where’s a Good Firing When You Need One?

As I’ve written in a prior blog, I agreed with the firing of Imus.  His decades of uncivil remarks for “entertainment” (his word) needed to come to a close.   I hope this is just the beginning of firing folks for hateful remarks.  Let’s go to that peace and groovy love group, “Rage Against the Machine.”  In a recent concert in the Coachella Valley in California, lead singer-rapper Zack de la Rocha shouted, “This current administration….should be tried and hung and shot.”  He also likened President Bush to a Nazi war criminal. 

I don’t think Zack ever walked through Dachau concentration camp while it was in operation or since.  I did.  I realized that as a half-Jew I would have died in one of the ovens and my body thrown in a pit, had it not been for an accident of my birth coming after the war. That comparison as well as the death declaration should be enough to fire Zack.  He meant it – Imus was just being a righteous jerk. Continue reading

Making Judgments About The Supreme Court’s Latest Decision About Abortion

I just about lost it reading Linda P. Campbell’s syndicated column ( about the Supreme Court’s abortion decision not being simple or neat. Let me take some of her points one by one, as she explains her abhorrence of any controls over any abortion, in addition to the barbaric sucking out of a baby’s brain after the head emerges from the birth canal (partial birth abortion). 

First, she says “And of course, a woman who’s about to undergo an abortion ought to understand the details, risks and implications just as much as she should before a tummy tuck, hip replacement, or appendectomy.” Continue reading