Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Real Meaning of “Choice”

I had an experience recently I will not soon forget.  I had a conversation with a woman with whom I’ve become quite friendly who told me a fascinating story.
She was adopted.  Although she is very close to and loving with her adoptive family, she was quite interested in knowing something about her birth mother and father – for medical history reasons (I never quite believe that, considering the technology available today for diagnoses) and for curiosity’s sake.  She realized and accepted that there would probably be “the good, the bad, and the ugly” to learn, and she was right. Continue reading

The Single/Unwed Mother Club Of America

I recently got an email from a first time “mom to be” about her experiences online as she attempted to find support and information from others in the same situation.  She was quite disturbed by what she found, and I offered her the opportunity to be this week’s “Guest Blogger” and share her comments with you:

Dr. Laura:

I cannot thank you enough for being a voice of reason these days.  It has recently hit home pretty hard about how “turned around” people have become in their thinking and the decisions they make. Continue reading