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“Human” Global Warming

Those of you who listen to my radio program know that I end each hour with “Now, go do the right thing!”  Well, I’m happy to report that that phrase was brought home to me last week.

After working on a local telethon, my husband and I went to a local restaurant with our best friend.  When we arrived, there was only a table for two available, and people at every occupied table were just starting their meals. It was going to be a long wait! Continue reading

Give Your Children The Best Gift of All – YOU

We live in a time where millions of children spend all day away from their families in facilities that have big screen TVs to amuse them, and they have caregivers for whom English is not required.  This is also the time when parents buy ever-increasing numbers of electronic gizmos to occupy their children’s time – sometimes to “make them smarter,” or to “make them buzz off,” so that busy, busy parents can have some “well-earned down time.”

Whether its TV, computer games, or hand-held devices, more and more parents are inundating even babies with all of this mass-produced “input.”  A recent study reported that about 40% of families with babies and young children keep the television on at all times.  “Always on” TV damages the children’s ability to play imaginatively and to develop language skills.  Obviously, it reduces the number of nurturing interactions between parents and children, too. Continue reading

Muslim Helps Jews During Subway Attack

I don’t know how many of you know, but a little over a week ago, in New York City, a guy and a few of his friends, were on the subway – the Q train – and there were groups of people on the train, and four people come on, all Jewish.  Somebody screams out “Merry Christmas,” and in good feeling, they yelled back “And a Happy Hanukkah.” 

Almost instantly, at least ten guys closed in on them.  One of the guys immediately hiked up his sleeve to show a tattoo of Christ, and said “Happy Hanukkah?  That’s when the Jews killed Jesus.”  The group then increased to fourteen, men and women, who began taunting the four Jews, and called them “dirty Jews,” and “Jew bitches.”  And a fight ensued. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season to be Giving

‘Tis the season to be giving…so give generously…but also give wisely.

You might have heard a recent report about Congressional hearings regarding a number of Veteran’s Charities.  It seems that one of the two worst performing charitable categories is “Veterans and Military.”  It is a sorry story that hundreds of millions of dollars raised in the name of injured military are being squandered by charities that take advantage of our compassion for the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives and health to protect us and our international interests. Continue reading

Divorce Is Bad For The Environment

Jianguo “Jack” Liu, a Distinguished Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University, has published a study that shows that divorce is bad for the environment.  (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science –  With rising divorce rates, there are more households with fewer people, thereby taking up more space per person and using up more energy and water. A refrigerator, for example, uses roughly the same amount of energy whether it belongs to a family of four or one parent and child.  Liu estimates that Americans spend an extra $3.6 billion annually on water as a result of the extra households created when people divorce. Continue reading

Child Abuse More Likely in Shack-Up Relationships

When a woman wishes to diminish her own value (as well as that of the covenant of marriage) by cohabitating with a man who is not willing to make the vow of committing his life to her, it’s a shame.  When a woman with children does so, it too often becomes a crime.

Thirty years ago, nearly 80% of America’s children lived with both their Mommy and Daddy, who were married.  Now, only two-thirds of them do.  Of all families with children, nearly 30% are now one-parent families, up from 17% in 1977.  The net result is instability, neglect, and the likelihood that children will be in homes with adults who have no biological tie to them. Continue reading

Raising Money For Operation Family Fund at Santa Barbara Harley-Davidson

Hi there, Dr. Laura,

My name is Peggy and we met at the Fund Raiser at the Harley store. I’m the “lucky one” who got to dunk you; I say that tongue in cheek because it was the last thing I wanted to do.My reasons for not wanting to see you get wet were born out of pure respect from years of listening and learning from you. I went there with the mindset that I’d win the draw of the ticket, then throw wide. When another woman expressed a similar sentiment you looked at her and said “Don’t you dare do that.”Here’s the fun part. I won the ticket and as I stood there after missing the first throw on purpose, you pointed at me and said “Hit it!!!!” I knew at that point it wasn’t about me, it was about your cause, and I knew what to do. My next throw was strong, true and totally on target. And of course the mechanism didn’t rel ease the latch. From there I couldn’t hit a broad side of a barn door with a shovel full of corn….LOL. So you jumped in…which was even cuter.So thank you for the fun. Thank you to your lovely staff who graciously helped me get an autograph. Thank you for making a stand and enormous contribution to our Troops. Thank you for all you’ve done.