Raising Money For Operation Family Fund at Santa Barbara Harley-Davidson

Hi there, Dr. Laura,

My name is Peggy and we met at the Fund Raiser at the Harley store. I’m the “lucky one” who got to dunk you; I say that tongue in cheek because it was the last thing I wanted to do.My reasons for not wanting to see you get wet were born out of pure respect from years of listening and learning from you. I went there with the mindset that I’d win the draw of the ticket, then throw wide. When another woman expressed a similar sentiment you looked at her and said “Don’t you dare do that.”Here’s the fun part. I won the ticket and as I stood there after missing the first throw on purpose, you pointed at me and said “Hit it!!!!” I knew at that point it wasn’t about me, it was about your cause, and I knew what to do. My next throw was strong, true and totally on target. And of course the mechanism didn’t rel ease the latch. From there I couldn’t hit a broad side of a barn door with a shovel full of corn….LOL. So you jumped in…which was even cuter.So thank you for the fun. Thank you to your lovely staff who graciously helped me get an autograph. Thank you for making a stand and enormous contribution to our Troops. Thank you for all you’ve done.