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Backing Up Those Backing You

I got this in response to a blog I wrote last week:

Hi, Dr. Laura.  I am my kid’s dad!  I’m writing in response to your blog, “Idiots on Parade“.

As a 15 year member of the world’s greatest Air Force, and third generation protector of this great nation, I want to thank the residents of Lebanon, Missouri for the support and dedication they have displayed, as they laid one of their own “true patriots” to rest.  My travels with the Air Force have allowed me to see that there are still many, many Americans who are grateful for the service that my brothers and sisters in uniform perform on a day-to-day basis.

Many of us spend an unknown amount of time putting our necks on the line so that ALL Americans – even the folks in Berkeley –can continue to enjoy the freedoms they have today.  Having been stationed in California for the last three years, I have seen first-hand the many demonstrations that have taken place in protest of the war.  At first, when I see these demonstrators, my blood boils because I wonder how anyone could feel this way when many young men and women sacrifice a lot on a daily basis.  But once my blood pressure returns to normal, I remind myself that what they are doing is a good thing.  What I mean by that is they are exercising their constitutional rights – the very same rights that we in the military are sworn to uphold and protect at all cost.

So, I want to thank the residents of Berkeley for their indirect support, I want to thank the residents of Lebanon, Missouri for their direct support, and, most of all, I want to thank all  of my brothers and sisters in uniform for the outstanding Job that they are doing on a day-to-day basis.  There is no doubt in my military mind that we have the best and greatest people serving in the volunteer force known as the United States military!


One Proud Air Force member and
AMERICAN Technical Sergeant,

A. Carpenter

Quote of the Week

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
               – Abraham Lincoln
                  16th President of the United States

No First Amendment Rights for Conservative Students

I watched an amazing video on YouTube of a University of Wisconsin sophomore and student senator, Roderick King, knocking over 4000 white crosses that “Pointers for Life,” a pro-life club, obtained permission to place on campus grounds.  The display was meant to symbolize the 4,000 unborn babies who are aborted each and every day in the United States of America.

So far, no disciplinary action whatsoever has been taken against Mr. King, and the student government has decided to put the issue off until next semester….uh…that’s in the Fall.  I guess they figure we’ll all forget about it and they don’t have to punish one of “their own.”  Whom do I mean by that?

Ian Ivey, with The Leadership Institute, a conservative organization which trains and places conservative leaders into public policy positions, the media, and schools said:  “It was an astonishing thing to see the video of the student senator just with clearly no respect, no regard at all to either the rights of the students who had set up that display, or the intent of the display and the real meaning of that display.  This is the kind of thing that happens on college campuses on a regular basis, where conservatives face this kind of oppression…mostly from students, but especially from student government associations who are thoroughly dominated by a leftist agenda.”

Unprotected Teen Sex on the Rise

The Center for Disease Control calculates that high-school kids are having more sex, and more unprotected intercourse, when compared to the behavior of their older siblings.  Condom use is down, as kids have become more complacent about herpes and AIDS.  Maybe it’s also that the total swing of society in support of teenage sex and babies born out of wedlock is working – a photograph of Britney Spears’ 17 year old sister Jamie’s new baby is worth $1 million.  Hmmmmm.

Idiots on Parade

So, there I was, innocently watching the news on Fox News Channel, when the screen split in two, and on the left side was some guy talking about his group’s letters to all military, basically telling them to go AWOL.  On the right side, was a military representative who was denying the other guy’s assertion that one out of four Marines and other military believe that 9/11 was President Bush’s doing.  He extolled the virtues of a volunteer military who see the truth, because their boots are on that ground, and who have first-hand experience with the realities in the Middle East conflicts. 

I then went to my computer to check my emails, and received the following:

Dear Dr. Laura:

I’m the proud 2-year resident of Lebanon, Missouri.  Today, our city buried a hero, Army Specialist James Finley, who was killed in Afghanistan.

You probably recall the protests and fits that the wacked-out liberals threw in Berkeley, California when the Marines opened a recruiting station.  I’d like to contrast their behavior toward the military with the behavior I saw from my fellow citizens in Lebanon today.

In Sunday’s local paper, the Mayor asked everyone to line the route the funeral procession would take to Specialist Finley’s final resting place.  Local businessmen purchased flags for people to hold, and gave them away by the hundreds.  Even though it was lightly raining, several THOUSAND people lined Jefferson Street to express their condolences and respect for the service of one of America’s true heroes.  Hundreds of Patriot Guard riders, fire trucks from several departments and hundreds of mourners made up the several mile-long funeral procession.  All business in town (including Wal-Mart) closed for an hour to allow their employees to pay their respects.  Bankers in suits stood next to men in work clothes, all silently holding their hands over their hearts and displaying flags as the procession passed.  I did my best to capture the procession and the number of people with my small camera, but the images don’t do the scene justice.  I hope the Finley family took some small comfort from seeing thousands of their fellow citizens paying respect for their son’s sacrifice.

I’m proud and honored to be living in a community where duty, honor and patriotism still mean something.  On July 4th, a 3-story tall flag is hung from the County Courthouse.  On July 12, we have our annual “God and Country” fireworks celebration, and on September 11, we will have a formal ceremony with a military fly-over to recognize everyone who has given the ultimate in keeping us free from terrorism.

Those in Berkeley may feel like they are accomplishing something with their protests.  Here in Lebanon, we truly know how to recognize a hero and what it truly means to be an American.

Respectfully submitted,


Muscles and Longevity

I work very hard on fitness.  I’m 61 and can do about one and a half one-handed pushups.  I’m quite proud of that, and thank my trainer, Jason Baker, and my yoga instructor, Pamela Griffin, for years of helping me get in great condition.

A study from the Unit for Preventive Nutrition at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Novum Karolinska Institute in Sweden, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 55th annual meeting, found that men with increased muscular strength are likely to live longer.

The men with decreased muscular strength had a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.  This study further challenged the concept that walking and regular physical activity are the best for preventing heart disease and increasing longevity. 

Instead, they suggest that men start by incorporating weight or resistance training into a daily routine.  The benefits of “muscles” extends beyond the risk of dying from all causes, as muscular strength prevents disability from injury, thereby keeping you more independent for a longer period in your life.

I’m just going to assume that the same is true for women, and I’ll keep pumping that iron!

Quote of the Week

Sip a cool drink and celebrate the beginning of summer tomorrow, June 21:

Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
               – Henry James
                 19th Century novelist

Loving Wives Are Not Doormats

The feministas came out of their skins when I published my best seller, “The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands.”  Their main point of rage was their notion that taking care of one’s man emotionally and physically was demeaning.

One reader, Vicky, wrote this week:
“Last December, we invited potential friends to our Christmas party.  During the evening, I gave my husband a fresh drink when I saw that his was getting low.  At one point, the man we invited noticed and commented that he’d go thirsty if he waited for his wife to bring him a drink.  The wife, in turn, bluntly let me know that’s because she wasn’t a doormat.  I responded that I never thought I was a doormat just because I enjoyed taking care of my man, and the conversation moved on.  But, I have to admit, that comment ate at me for a long time.  Was I being naïve?  Was my husband taking advantage of me?

Over the months since, every time I hear my husband tell a friend that I take better care of him than he deserves, I let that comment “go” a little bit more.  I’ve now let it go completely. You see, we ran into that couple this past weekend.  We’d heard rumors that they were divorcing (because the husband had had an affair).  The wife confirmed the rumors, but stated that they were trying to work it out. I’m doubtful they will work anything out.  She’s the ultimate “feminazi,” and he will have to do all the changing and groveling for it to “work out.”

Bottom line:  She’s on her way to divorce, and I’m celebrating my 7 year wedding anniversary today with a man who worships me and I absolutely adore after all these years.  Doormat?  I think not!