Food Prices Hurting Your Appetite?

Every weekend, newspaper inserts around the country provide coupons, giving you opportunities to get a wide selection of products for even less than what your local paper offers in its supermarket ads.  To tap into this vast source of discounted food and cleaning products, there are Web-based services that give you easy access to the discount coupons.  Some of the sites allow users to print coupons directly, while other services, for a fee, clip the coupons from newspaper inserts and mail them to you.

One of the best of these is  Fees are 50 cents per order plus 10% of the face value of each coupon, and shipping is 58 cents.  They have an extensive selection, including a health-food section.  You can shop by department or via search tool.  If you are buying huge volumes, you might want to check

There are others, like,, and, but they require a fee for the year that ranges from $10 to $100, and then 10% of the face value of each coupon and 75 cents for postage.