Save Us From Feminist Studies

I am disheartened to learn that the University of California at Santa Barbara has announced a graduate program (offering Master’s and doctoral degrees) in Feminist Studies.

Tell me if you can make heads or tails of this quote from Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and Chair of Feminist Studies:  “It’s a broadening of women’s studies.  We don’t want to argue over which bodies are included in our field of study; we want to generate new ways of analyzing the world through diverse feminist perspectives.”

I have no clue as to what that means.  I can tell you one thing, however – my experience as a professional and public woman for over three decades has clearly demonstrated to me that there is no permitted diversity in feminist perspectives.  If that were actually so, I’d have been invited long ago to present my “diverse perspective” at some feminist gala or university Feminist Studies class.

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will be all-inclusive.  Is it going to be critical or celebratory over home-making, traditional family values, home schooling, religion, mothering only after marriage, qualities of a good wife, at-home mothering, avoiding divorce (except in cases of abuse, addiction or affairs), and choosing adoption over abortion?

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will bring up the subject of the demeaning and emasculating of men from kindergarten through life.  I’m also wondering if this program will have parallel rebuttals and counter the misinformation and brainwashing so prominent in women’s studies programs, so that the students will have both philosophical and practical sides of an issue (and that would include some male academics as well as females like Christina Hoff Sommers, who wrote Who Stole Feminism).

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will invite me to give the commencement speech, sending graduates off into their lives as angry, bitter, paranoid harridans who cannot imagine being in any way dependent on or respectful of men and masculinity.

I believe there should be one entire four-credit course on “How to Regain Respect from Men.”   This course should include:

* No “friends with benefits” or Saturday night “hook-ups” where men come to see women simply as sex objects.
* No more using abortion as birth control, believing that the freedom to eliminate life from one’s body elevates one’s soul, spirit, self-esteem or value.
* No more “shacking up” and/or having babies out-of-wedlock to prove your lack of need for a man, while denying a child’s need for a father-child relationship.
* No more working yourself into a complete frazzle by working full-time while you’re putting being a Mommy and a wife on the back-burner, and wondering why you’re stressed and unhappy.
* No more buying the lie that hired help and day care are equivalent or superior to your loving touch, voice, input, and very presence.
* No more being hostile to or dismissive of whatever your husband wants or needs because that is the very definition of “oppression.”

And that’s just for starters….

Betty Friedan, founder of NOW (The National Organization of “I Don’t Know What Kind Of” Women) referred to traditional family life as a “comfortable concentration camp” from which women needed liberation.  Sheila Cronan, one of the feminist movement’s most respected leaders and spokeswomen said: “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking marriage.”

Are these to be the heroines for our daughters?