Stop Picking on Boys!

I am so unbelievably sick of academic feminist organizations perpetually whining about their imagined assaults on girls in education.  A long time ago, The American Association of University Women once had me give a keynote speech at one of their luncheons.  I looked around the room of successful and powerful (mostly older) women, and wondered why they had to have a meeting to complain about how difficult it is for women to succeed…when we had a room chock full of women who had incredible accomplishments because of their efforts and sacrifices.

I didn’t get a standing ovation and never got invited back.

The truth interferes with the perpetual “we are victims” mentality of the feminist activists.  Here are the facts:

* 2/3 of all learning disability diagnoses are for boys
* 70 percent of all D’s and F’s go home with boys (they’re not challenged appropriately)
* 90% of school discipline referrals are for boys (it’s hard to make boys sit still)
* 80% of all Ritalin takers are boys (yeah…drug the little buggers into submission – a kind of psychological castration, I’ve always thought)
* 80% of school drop outs…are…boys!
* Fewer than 40% of college students are currently males (making it harder for girls to find a date)

Girls, in general, are surpassing boys in school in all subjects except math and science -  and that gap has been closing quickly

Other facts are that boys are more competitive, energetic, visual, physical, risk-taking and so on than are girls.  Boys need a different learning environment than girls.  The “girly”-oriented educational system in the United States demands that boys become like girls or be medicated.

Boys need more physical movement in the curriculum.  They need recesses to work off that male energy, they appreciate reading more male-friendly subjects, they like projects, and they enjoy competing rather than cooperating and all getting the same grade.  Boys do better with male mentors, and boys need teachers with more of a sense of humor toward “boy antics” without punishment or demeaning reactions.

I believe boys and girls should have separate classrooms, curriculum, teaching styles, and completely different academic environments.

The beginning of the feminist attack on the educational process proclaimed that girls were being short-changed.  Maybe so…and, if so, maybe the best thing for girls is a girl-centered and oriented academic program.