I Overheard Two Women Gossiping

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was having my favorite salad (spinach salad – hold the dressing) at one of my favorite restaurants, when I couldn’t help noticing two well-coiffed and dressed women having lunch (salads and pizza) at the table directly to my right side.
I was not intentionally trying to listen to what they were saying – I promise you! – it’s just that every now and then, the noise lulled and I could hear one of them say, “Yes, she is so nice/smart/talented, etc.”.  I don’t believe they were talking about the same woman each time, but I was so impressed that two women “gossiping” over lunch were – brace yourself – saying nice things about another woman or women!

When we got ready to leave, I went over to the table and admitted that I could hear some of what they were saying – although I wasn’t really trying to – and that I was immensely impressed that having had the opportunity to be critical or catty, that they were both speaking so nicely about others.  I further said, “You two must be really nice people!”

They smiled at me – with distinct surprise – and one of them immediately said, “You must be a nice person too to stop and say this to us.”

Wow- a real “karma” moment. 

Why don’t you look carefully around you and take the opportunity to compliment folks you see who are doing the “right thing.”