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Jewelry, Pt 1 – From Hobby to Passion

Four times a year, I make and sell jewelry to benefit Operation Family Fund, the charity I support that aids the families of military and civilians killed or severely injured in the war on terror.  I’ve been asked many questions about my decision to make jewelry and just what goes into designing and creating my pieces.  So, I’ve decided to SHOW you in a series of videos.  Today, I’m covering how this went from just a hobby to a true passion:

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“Impressions” of President Obama

I just turned 62.  In my life, I have seen blacks go from the back of the bus to the White House.  I have seen women gain respect in the workplace.

But I have also seen an explosion in divorces.  Abortions.  Out-of-wedlock kids…on purpose.

I have seen a collapse of the values that made and can still make America great.  I have seen an abdication of personal responsibility in favor of the adoption of victimhood and situational ethics. 

There are many things that concern me about our new president.  Many policies that frankly, make me nervous.  But there are some things that I am impressed by, and hope he will set a tone and become a role model for our society.

I am impressed by President Obama’s work ethic.  I am impressed by his clear love for his wife and family.

I am impressed that during the campaign, Michelle Obama made sure she was home with her daughters 5 days a week.

I am impressed that they have invited the children’s grandmother to live with them in the White House.

I am impressed that the first black president got there through his own hard work and not because of affirmative action programs.

I am impressed that President Obama took the time to visit with some of our wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan the day before he took office as Commander-in-Chief.

Now, I hope that through these actions, our new president will serve as a role model for all Americans – to take their vows and responsibilities as seriously as the day they made them.

And that’s my take on today.


Obese Woman Told to Get An MRI At The Zoo

I recently read a news report from Kansas City about a 5 foot tall, 275 pound woman who needed an MRI exam.  The problem is that MRI tables often can’t support heavier patients and the tubes into which the patient must be moved generally can’t fit someone of her girth.

You don’t usually see body scanners that will accommodate bigger patients, because they don’t provide the clearest images, and those that have large openings increase the possibility of the magnetic field dissipating into the room.

The obese woman in question reported that someone at the hospital suggested that she could go to the zoo for an MRI as they accommodate larger critters.  The suggestion was made to “help” and not to “insult.”  According to news sources, the woman said: “I thought, I know I’m big, but I’m not as big as an elephant.  And my husband got mad.”

Sadly, she has a tumor on her spine, has had multiple surgeries, and now has partial paralysis. This event is purported to have happened two years ago.

I’ve heard that there are some court cases to force airlines not to charge obese people for the two seats it takes to carry them.  This is yet another situation where no responsibility is taken for being obese.  What is it with our thinking that no matter what irresponsibility we demonstrate, the world is supposed to accommodate us?

There is a difference between making access for folks who are in wheelchairs and making access for people who simply abuse their bodies and then demand that the consequences of their actions be borne by others.

This woman eventually did find a place with an “open” MRI machine.  I hope her treatment is successful and she takes from this experience some sense of purpose in getting her body more healthy, rather than anger that not everything will adapt to her.  She has some responsibility too.

Quote of the Week

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”
               – Martin Luther King, Jr.
                  Baptist minister, American civil rights leader
                  Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1964

Women Should Be More Accountable Than Men For the Well-Being of Children

I understand that Ann Coulter – not a woman to mince words – has been on numerous radio and television programs pointing out that most of the children and young adults with all sorts of emotional, educational, criminal, and relationship problems are the product of un-wed mothers.  While on the television program “The View,” the one conservative co-host challenged Ms. Coulter by suggesting that this is the problem because of the men who walk away from their responsibilities.  The audience went wild with enthusiasm, undoubtedly happy that the “blame” moved from women to men.

Frankly, my friends – that really doesn’t wash.  Of course a man should feel and be morally responsible and obligated to the children of his loins.  However, women’s bodies are the place where the creation and gestation of new life occurs – which gives them the greater obligation to be circumspect about when and with whom they have sexual intercourse.  Many women, lesbian or heterosexual, are having babies without the participation of a father in the child’s life … on purpose!  Many women have abortions against the wishes of the man who would be “father.”  The situation is therefore quite complicated.

Yet the fact remains: the optimal circumstance in which to raise a child is in the bosom of a married mom and dad.  Facts are facts, in spite of emotions.  That there are exceptions gives hope to the few, and ignores the pain of the many.

I hold women more accountable for the well-being of children because they have the majority of the power; legally, physiologically, and emotionally.

Girls as Pigs

I’m very sad that, generally, girls today are pigs.  I was speaking with a group of young men in their early twenties, about their social lives.  They each admitted to multiple girlfriends with “overlap.”  Most of them expressed some disappointment that they really can’t find what they know Dr. Laura would label a “nice girl.”

“You think they are good girls, but the minute you show them some attention, if they’re at all interested, they are all over you with zillions of daily suggestive text messages and sex.  They’re open for, ahem, servicing us, even before we’ve taken ‘em out on legitimate dates – which can usually be just a visit to a bar or club.

“I think,” one fellow continued, “that just about all girls these days are pigs.”

This made me very, very sad.  Because the more that young women act like “pigs,” the less respect and regard men have for women in general – and the less they hope and fantasize the blessed possibility of a lovely wife and mother to their 84 children.

I opened the paper today to read about a young woman from San Diego who is selling her virginity on a website so that she can pay for her – get ready for this – education as a marriage and family therapist!  Her sister apparently led the way by being a call-girl/hooker to pay for her education.  Well, there is nothing new in women selling their bodies for financial compensation; what is new is the bold and cavalier way it is happening today.  The young women I mentioned said outright that sex and virginity means nothing today.  And this is the sort to help families and marriages?  Are you kidding?

When everything of value is demoted to “nothing”…then how is anything ever elevated to “something.”  See?  That’s why I’m sad.  I’m sad for all these young men who have been taught by the piggish women of today that love, fidelity, and intimacy mean nothing.  I am sad that our young men have been robbed of hope that they can ever be secure in a marriage, because how can they trust a cavalier “pig” to ever be anything else?

Quote of the Week

To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June.
               – Jean-Paul Sartre
                  French existentialist philosopher and writer