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Alleged Craigslist Killer’s Fiancee Has It All Wrong

Philip Markoff, 23, the alleged Craigslist killer, has a loyal, faithful, supportive fiancée.  The big question is….WHY?

Authorities say he trolled Craigslist’s erotic services section, where he met a 25 year old woman and lured her to a luxury hotel in Boston.  Supposedly, he meant only to steal money, but he also had a loaded gun, and allegedly shot her dead, presumably because she fought him.

How’s this for evidence: 
1) the murdered woman’s underwear was at his house
2) the bullet that killed her came from our boy’s gun, and if that isn’t enough,
3) his fingerprints were found on the wall of the hotel room where a stripper was tied up in an attempted robbery.

What does his pathetic fiancée do?  She proclaims her love and support and her complete disbelief that any of this is true, describing him as a loving and caring person.

You’ve heard this story (including women who hunger to marry convicted murderers) way too often.  Why do women do this?

Simple.  Question:  how humiliating is it to be associated with an evil person?  Answer:  Very!  So, if one takes the position that “I only know him as a good person,” some of the humiliation is tempered.  After a little while, the healthiest of these women fade out of sight; the others make their identity “the fiancee OF (fill in the blank).” 

Some women find glory in “standing by an evil man,” because they believe it defines them as truly “good” to sacrifice and have such loyalty, faith, and belief.  Some women believe that their love can and will transform the man – that it will heal him, and then their own lives will have value, and he will be beholden to them, never leaving them and always loving them. Other women are frankly amoral, narcissistic, and/or sociopathic, and they identify with the perp.  That kinship keeps them connected. Still others want their 15 minutes of “reality show fame” and notice, and feel a most distorted sense of value from that exposure.

All in all, this young woman’s response ought to have been:  “I am shocked and horrified that I could not see that this man had two lives.  I am sorrowful for the woman who lost her life and her family and friends.  I regret the harm he’s caused so many people.  This is going to take me a while to recover from, as I obviously had a brush with evil.”

Instead, her family quietly called the wedding hall and cancelled the reception, because Philip was probably not going to be available.

How Stupid Do Consumer Product Companies Think We Are?

Aw, come on.  How stupid do some of the people think the rest of us are?  Answer:  VERY stupid.  Well, are we, really?  Some might be truly without judgment, and some like to take advantage of a situation and sue, so it all comes down to the same thing:  we’re stuck with product labels that insult us, but are ultimately, darn funny.

According to a Fox News Report, these are some of the most bizarre warnings about potential hazards on consumer products:

1. Did you know that you’re not supposed to use those itty bitty birthday candles as earplugs or for any other function that involves insertion into a body cavity?  It’s written so on the box.  Now, the only humans I can think of who would make that kind of effort can’t read, much less understand the word “insertion,” because they’re still in diapers!  Nonetheless…
2. Don’t dry your phone in a microwave oven…with or without cheese.
3. Don’t use your hair dryer while sleeping (believe it or not, some women have actually done this and started fires in their beds)
4. Never use a lit match or any other open flame to check the fuel level in any sort of watercraft.  Sheesh!
5. Don’t swallow the cap of a fountain pen.  Huh?  Is that before or after warming it in the microwave?
6. A fishing hook contains a trace amount of lead, so California law demands that if you have any amount of lead in a product, you have to have a warning on it that says “harmful if swallowed.”  So, if the hook were all platinum, it would be okay to swallow it?
7. ExtenZe is an advertised male enhancement pill which is supposed to make the penis larger.  It actually has the warning:  Do not use while pregnant or nursing (in CAPITAL LETTERS, no less!).
8. On the flip side, the box of Midol (for PMS) says “do not use if you have an enlarged prostate.”  Chances are, if you have PMS, you don’t have a prostate to worry about in the first place.

Aside from being a great source of humor, these warnings are included mainly because a certain, large group of lawyers routinely sue companies when someone misuses a product.  The personal injury lawyers who bring these lawsuits will always say in lawsuits that the company “failed to warn.”  Now, come on, people – some of this is just plain common sense.

Just because some drunk college kid put himself in the washing machine for a ride, got hurt, and sued, all washing machines now have to say something along the lines of “do not put any person in this washer.”

And last, but not least, is the warning on “vanishing fabric markers:”   Should not be used as a writing instrument for signing checks or any legal documents.

When we are kids, we see other kids using lies and manipulation to get away with their own wrongdoing.  Children need to be taught to take responsibility as the means of building character which, ultimately, will result in respect and trust from others.  Unfortunately, the fortunes of those who are getting away with not taking responsibility as adults (with a certain breed of injury lawyers right behind them) are eating away at our collective conscience and character.

I would just once like to hear a person who goofed up when using some product say, “Oh, it’s my own fault…I wasn’t thinking,” instead of “Ohhh, I wonder how much money I can make from putting a hot coffee cup between my legs, near my crotch, while I’m in a moving car.”

Strip-Searching Children

Your child is in school.  You believe your child is safe.  Your child comes home after school, hysterical and unwilling to ever go back.  The part of the world in which you thought your child would be safe just exploded in front of your eyes.

What happened?  Well, if your name is Mrs. Redding, you just discovered that your child was stripped almost naked in front of more than one school official who had no legal right to do so.  You then find out that the school is perfectly fine with what happened, because they are “doing it because they feel an intense need to protect the safety of the students.”  How’s that for irony!

This is what happened (as will be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States of America).  A 13 year old honor student in a small Arizona town was hauled down to the principal’s office to strip down to her underwear, because another eighth grade student who was found with a cigarette and some pills pointed the finger at our victim.  The 13 year old denied having anything.  They searched her backpack:  nothing.  That’s when the vice principal said the school nurse would conduct a strip search.

“They saw everything.  It was really embarrassing.  These are people I see every day,” said the victim.  The school did not call her mother, child services, or police; they just stripped her down.

Believe it or not, after the school lost a lawsuit in a Federal appeals court, and the school was found liable, they have taken the case to the Supreme Court, who will hear the case tomorrow. 

I agree that it’s important for the school to find dangerous drugs and weapons.  Dangerous weapons can be found in a “pat-down,” but even that is a kind of sexual harassment. 

I believe that you parents should tell your children to always refuse to fully remove their clothes (except, perhaps, for jackets and coats), even if it is the principal who demands it.  Parents should make sure that the rules in their school district include sequestering the student, calling the parents and the police/child protective services before a child’s body is touched, unless there is considerable reason to believe that the child is armed with a deadly weapon.

Quote of the Week

A family can develop only with a loving woman at its center
               – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
                  German poet, critic and scholar, 1772-1829


Why I’m Praising Moms

Some actors talk about how and from where they get their “motivation” in the portrayal of some character.  Actors usually get the role and then search for the motivation behind the role.  I am the exact opposite.  I get motivated about something, and then go out and make it happen.

For years, I have been striving to have women re-establish their sacred place in the universe by influencing them to value their womanhood, and not simply resign themselves to being worker bees or unattached sexual objects.  My latest book, In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms, is my contribution to that end, reminding women that 1) they are the spiritual center of the family, and 2) that their love  and attention cannot be replaced by hired help.  I’ve been working very hard to have mothers and wives value themselves in these roles and not feel “less,” but instead, enjoy the esteemed pedestal once again.

To “bring it home,” so to speak, I decided to do an extravaganza of an event, called In Praise of Mom, to applaud and recognize the beauty and importance of mothers everywhere.  Why am I so emotional about this?  Simple.  I almost missed out on this most incredible miracle (and sometime pain in the neck) called motherhood.

In the 1960s, I was seduced by the feminist anger that proclaimed that husbands and kids were in the way of getting power and respect.  We lost way too much because of the anger vented on men and mothering.  As many of you may know, I did not have the most mothering mommy possible, and that probably contributed to my negativity at the time.  But at age 35, I had an epiphany.  What I was missing from my life was being a wife and a mommy.

I now know the glories and agonies of being a mommy, and I am grateful I didn’t miss out on one minute of it.  I receive calls every day from women who are mothers of good kids, troubled kids, confusing kids, rambunctious kids, curious kids, risk-taking kids and more.  For a mom, the well-being of her child and family is number one.  It occurred to me that I should use the opportunity afforded by the release of my new book to celebrate Mother’s Day in a new, fun, touching, memorable way.  As my son is in the military (as are many of yours), we won’t be together on Mother’s Day.  The next best thing is for all us mothers to get together and laugh and hug about our trials, tribulations, and exaltations of motherhood.

In Praise of Mom will be a one-time only event on Tuesday, May 5 in a movie theater near you…and it will be beamed live by satellite to more than 400 theaters around the country.  Let’s get all the moms in our lives together and applaud ourselves! To purchase tickets, click here.

Using the Airwaves to Promote Cheating

I don’t see morality, ethics, or character in too many places in our society these days, so when I do, it’s time for rejoicing and handing out kudos. So, kudos go out to G. Craig Hanson, the president of Simmons Media Group, which owns KXRK-FM radio in Salt Lake City, who dumped a morally repulsive and exploitative commercial off his station.

There’s an infidelity dating service, The Ashley Madison Agency, on the Internet for people “looking for a little something on the side.”  They boast – yechh – over 3.6 million members in the United States and Canada.  These are people looking for a quick “hump” without their dates, fiancés, and spouses knowing anything about it.

The ads are off KXRK-FM, but they’re supposedly still airing in Salt Lake City on 97.5, The Blaze.

The President and CEO of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman, says he aims to buy TV spots and billboard space in Utah, and labeled as “hypocritical” the media outlets that refuse to take his ads.

You know, I get called “hypocritical” all the time, because it’s a “nice” swear word to use to discount somebody else’s point of view.  A hypocrite actually is someone who says they believe one way, while (secretly) they behave the opposite.  A “teacher” (as opposed to a hypocrite), for example, is someone who formerly smoked and has quit, and now campaigns to get others to do so in order to have a good and healthful life. 

People like Biderman call others who judge them negatively “hypocrites” because, in their world, they can’t imagine people with different values as being real, serious, happy, and successful.  They just see the potential for a dark side in everyone and decide to try to make money off of it.

So, “poo poohs” to Noel Biderman, who wants to provide people with the opportunities to betray their vows and diminish their own characters with ads providing affair “match-ups,” and kudos to KXRK-FM’s president G. Craig Hanson of Salt Lake City who said the scum won’t float on his lake.

Escaping from an Irresponsible Family of Leeches

A young woman was saved from her addict parents and raised by other family members.  She turned out to be a loving, responsible adult, but she’s now being used as an ATM by those who gave her that early boost.  She’s conflicted as to what to do.  Watch as I help sort out the good news from the bad news:

A Family of Leeches

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