A Young Woman Does the Research on Feminist Theory

This is a two-parter from one of my listeners.  She originally wrote me the following email:

Dear Dr. Laura:

“…I am to give a presentation on …Feminist Theory for my Social Theory class.  Let me tell you, I am so excited to present this, because I am far from a feminist.  I can’t wait to share my thoughts with my class..[and] provide details of what women today are missing because of this movement. 

“…Thanks to you, I will be no one’s shack-up honey.  I will not have children until I am married.  I will not marry the wrong man…I will be my kid’s mom and my husband’s girlfriend….”

Thanks to you, here is a 25 year old woman who loves and respects herself.

Well, she did the research in preparation for the presentation, and here’s what she wrote as a followup:

“[In doing my research,] I… never read the word ‘oppressed’ so many times in my life.  My goodness, how can women complain so much? …I have never gotten mad when working on a project for school.  I have always found things that I have learned along the way interesting and useful.  Well, this time, I got mad.  My professor knew I was anti-feminism, so she must have thought [doing the research] would open my eyes to her world….She was incorrect.  I started getting angry at these feminists.  Finally, the day before my presentation…I had had it!  I could hardly stand these women.

I believe I read that women wanted to be accepted and respected, …[but] all it seemed like they wanted to do was emasculate men, demoralize tradition, and degrade anyone or anything that stood in their way of what they thought was power….I think a lot of feminists have taken this movement a bit too far.  I truly believe feminists must be the most miserable people.  They miss out on so much.  My mother is a feminist, and she has never been happy.  Thanks to you, Dr. Laura, I did not follow in her footsteps.

You were right when you told me the angrier the professor gets, the more “right on” I am.  She didn’t care what [analysis] I provided.  I appreciate that women have rights, but I resent that my rights of becoming a stay-at-home mom day are not honored as well….My professor thought she was tricking me into finding things [in my research] that maybe I would think I can’t live without.  All she did, though, was teach me how to be a better woman and how not to treat a man.