Tiger Woods: Athlete of the Year?

Big news late last week:  Tiger Woods was named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press.  Not only did his “sexcapades” not limit his votes, but more than half of the 56 votes came in after the scandal made news.  I guess the AP-types got confused – maybe they thought they were voting for the “Sexual Athlete of the Year.”

It’s too late now, but it is interesting that the question is being asked after the fact, as to whether or not he should receive this honor.  First of all, “Athlete of the Year,” is not based on anybody’s character – just athletic achievement (unfortunately).  So, the next question is:  is golf an actual athletic sport?  Truly, there is no physical hardship.  Players might get a little winded from walking the course or get sweaty on hot days, but that’s about it.

Someone responded to the question of whether golf is actually athletic or not by pointing out that Tiger was in good shape, and another retorted with “You also have to be in shape to bowl and even to shoot billiards, but to compare those and golf to baseball, soccer, basketball, football, rugby, track & field, cycling, boxing, tennis and wrestling is silly.  Golf requires skill – not athleticism.  Having played it myself…”

Additionally, yet another comment pointed out the veracity of many accolades these days:  “Al Gore got an Oscar, Obama got a Nobel, Bill Clinton got a Grammy.  Nothing is real any more.”

Well, let’s look at the runners-up for “Athlete of the Year:”

1. Lance Armstrong – cancer survivor; won Tour de France six times in one decade.  He came in second with 33 of the possible 142 votes.
2. Roger Federer – more grand-slam singles than any other man in history.  He came in third with 25 votes.
3. Michael Phelps – record-setting Olympic swimming champion.  He came in fourth with 13 votes.
4. Tom Brady:  New England quarterback.  He had 6 votes.

We all know why they gave it to Tiger Woods:  He’s made them more money than any other person in something considered a sport.  Because Tiger is good-looking (as all his bimbos also know) and a terrific golfer, the media turned him into a sensation, and more people showed up to golf tournaments (ka-ching), more photographs and stories were printed about golf (ka-ching), more shoes and stuff with his name attached were sold (ka-ching), and so on.  Just follow the money.  He is a huge money-maker for everyone, and that’s why he got the award.

I agree with the critics who say golf is not athletic.  Lance Armstrong and Roger Federer are better qualified for this honor, but it’s not an honor anymore.  It is recognition of “Ka ching” Power.