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CBS Does the Right Thing for Super Bowl XLIV

I am so proud of the CBS Television Network.  There’s been a ridiculous furor over a planned Super Bowl ad featuring college football star Tim Tebow, funded by Focus on the Family.  It recounts the story of Pam Tebow’s pregnancy in 1987.  After getting sick, she ignored doctors’ recommendations to abort her fifth child, and gave birth to Tim Tebow, who went on to win the 2007 Heisman Trophy and guide the Florida Gators to two BCS championships.
This should be an inspirational story for women.  Not according to NOW (the National Organization of “I don’t know what kind of” Women), NARAL, and other organizations which support women killing the babies in their bodies if they wanna.  These “feminista” types generally call themselves “pro-choice.”  Well, it looks like they’re not too happy about the promotion of women who don’t make the choice to kill their baby.
When a woman’s inspirational story of making the choice to avoid an abortion to take the risk of giving birth to her child becomes controversial in a culture, that culture has degraded to a horrible point.  It is frightening to me that NOT killing the baby in your body is controversial, but killing the baby in your body is not controversial.
Here’s my idea:  let’s make an ad for the “pro-killing baby” feminista types.  Show a brief clip of the baby being macerated and then shift focus to a happy woman who’s celebrating that death and her resulting freedom.
Then let’s make an ad for a woman who doesn’t want her baby who goes to term and gives the baby to a stable family – a married mom and dad — for adoption, and shift focus to a happy woman who’s celebrating that life and her freedom.
Then, let’s vote.

Petty Annoyances Are Exactly That – Petty!

If you’re a frequent listener to my radio program, you’ve probably heard me say to someone seemingly immersed in a petty annoyance:  “You must have a charmed and uncomplicated life to have the time and energy to be upset about something that’s ultimately so minuscule.”
Yeah, I know that sounds snarky, but the point is made.  If your life is filled with the awe of the sky when the sun first comes up, scurrying to do some projects for charity, coming up with ideas to support a friend in emotional need, treating your spouse as though you adored every breath they take, having daily physical activity that makes you sweat and feel great afterwards, taking on a new challenge in a hobby or education at the local community college or adult extension, having a day a week you get together with buddies to play poker, make a quilt or whatever….when your life is filled in such expansive ways, then the quirky disappointments of family and friends will be shrugged off with a small smile and a lack of real concern.
Try activity instead of pouting or letting your anger simmer.

If I Could Afford Help, I’d Enjoy My Children More

Some Moms get resentful when they see their friends and acquaintances “living the celebrity mom lifestyle,” where they have time to go to the gym and get their nails done, because they have some paid help with the kids.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that having more time for yourself necessarily gives your kids (and you) a better family life:

Video: If I Could Afford Help, I Could Enjoy My Children More

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John Edwards’ Co-Conspirator in Betrayal

By this time, you all know that former Presidential hopeful John Edwards is not longer hopeful about too much.  According to press reports, Elizabeth Edwards has left him.

After the Clintons and many other high profile power couples’ personal issues with marital problems and affairs, I think we’re all pretty numbed and crass about it all.

This blog is not about affairs – it’s about another form of betrayal. 

Andrew Young was a former aide of the Edwards’ who was personally intimate with them and a co-conspirator in John Edwards’ tacky affair and secrecy surrounding his illegitimate child.  In fact, in addition to harboring the bimbo in his home, Andrew Young tried to take the credit for this baby to keep his boss in the limelight in a more positive way.

All of this has now hit the fan, and these three are no longer speaking.  Andrew Young has written a “tell-all” book, “The Politician,” which goes on sale this week.  He maligns Elizabeth and John and even goes so far as to say that they both conspired to use her cancer diagnosis to promote John’s campaign for President.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it just sounds so disgusting that I can’t wrap my mind around it. 

What a despicable character Andrew Young is!  First, for benefitting from his relationship with the Edwards family (with privileges, opportunities, trust, bonding, financial compensation, power and friendship), and then making money by betraying their confidences when he was a definite co-conspirator in everything they did (which he now criticizes).  People who do that are scum.

Years ago, Eddie Fisher also wrote a tell-all book about the women he was intimate with, including Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor.  Why they, or any of the other women, had anything to do with that toad is beyond me, but they did.  He did a “kiss and tell” book.  Disgusting.  All to make a buck.  He betrayed the tender confidences of women who once cared about him.

I ran into him while he was on his book tour, and we were both appearing on a television interview program.  He dared to come up to me to cheerfully introduce himself.  I cut him short, saying I knew who he was, and that he was a disgusting human being and obviously not a gentleman for the book he wrote and now was hawking.  He looked stunned, and that made my moment!  I turned my back on him and then slowly, deliberately walked away.  He was trying to say something to me, but I just didn’t care.

Instead of buying Andrew Young’s book demonizing Elizabeth and John Edwards, spend that money on buying some good children’s books for your local school library.