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Women’s Studies Advocates Are At It Again

Elizabeth Birmingham, an Assistant Professor of English at North Dakota State University teaches professional writing.  These days, American college students need English professors, since most of them use their thumbs to communicate, and don’t know how to write complete sentences.  Ms. Birmingham, however, also teaches women’s studies courses, and in a recent essay (where she reviews a few women’s studies books), she mentions me:

“Women’s studies programs are already acutely aware of the ways our  courses regularly contain content demonized by right-wing politicians and  are laughed at by the media.  We study and discuss issues of reproductive  rights, sexuality, critical race studies, critical media studies and gender  construction, occasionally in the jargon-filled language of the academy.  In  her nationally syndicated radio program, Dr. Laura Schlessinger counsels parents not to let their children attend colleges with women’s studies programs.”

Damn straight – these courses provide nothing useful, in my opinion, to help young women perform happily in math, science, engineering, music, etc., nor do they contribute to a rejoicing in impending marriage and motherhood.  They simply make women cynical and angry and vulgar.  Many universities have actually added porn studies to the curriculum because they catch attention and make money – not goals normally attributed to halls of higher learning.

These types of studies are generally hostile to men and to opposing points of view.  I’ve gotten enough letters from young women around the country taking these classes who report that all my positions are completely vilified, and I am generally personally defamed, and never once have I been asked to be a visiting lecturer.  So much for enlightenment as a motivation for women’s studies programs.

In her essay, Ms. Birmingham quotes:

“From a feminist perspective, the project of masculinity studies can be quite suspect…although most feminists recognize that masculinity is not a natural or essential identity for men, but rather a social construction open to interrogation and change.  Some feminists see gender/masculinity studies as a sort of hostile institutional takeover that effectively shifts critical attention away from the conditions of women and returns it to the ‘plight’ of men.”

Wow, wow and…wow.  Feminists don’t see masculinity as a real entity – just that men are women with penises who are led astray by right-wing and religious cultural influences to behave in that “bad bad boy” way.  Thus the rampant demasculinization of men since the 1960s, and the tendency – the blind tendency – of women to treat their husbands with disrespect and disregard as they are simply the constructs of the evil empire.

I wrote The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands for just these women, so they would wake up and see that their femininity is not a construct of an evil culture, but a blessing to be nurtured in the context of the polarity with masculinity – which, by the way is real and inherent in men, unless it is threatened out of them.

I stand by my position:  if you have children ready to go off to an institution of higher learning, make sure it is such, and avoid all colleges with women’s studies programs.  They will stunt the ability of your daughters and sons to enjoy their natural instincts and retard their abilities to be content in love relationships with each other in marriage.

Unprofessional, Insulting and Totally Correct

A 44 year-old woman filed a complaint about her doctor after a tense consultation with him in 2009 in New Zealand.  The doctor said “effing” three times to the woman after she told him she didn’t like the word “diet,” and preferred he use the term “lifestyle.”  He insisted that she needed to go on an “effing” diet.  According to the woman, the doctor told her that if she couldn’t handle the word “diet,” then he challenged her motivation and stated that she would never survive gastric bypass surgery because she was still “bullxxxxing” herself and therefore her thinking was still “effed.”

The physician, fed up with her, scratched her name from the gastric bypass waiting list.

New Zealand’s Health and Disability Commissioner said the doctor, who completely admitted using bad language, was reprimanded for being unprofessional and insulting.

The doctor WAS unprofessional and insulting AND completely correct!  When people move less and eat more and want magical means to become physically normal and healthy, it does frustrate and exhaust the patience of people who are there to help.  This doctor could just have been having a bad day, but I think it is more likely that he was just tired of the wordplay and mind games of those who simply don’t display self-discipline or take serious responsibility for their condition (but who expect respect as though their condition was out of their control – when it is definitely NOT).

The doctor should have been reprimanded, but so should this patient!

Sex Offenders Getting Lenient Sentences

Last week, I blogged bout how horrendous it is that child molesters are treated leniently by judges and by parole boards.  Many of you wonder why that is.  I don’t wonder – it’s because the liberal world view of those in those positions of power concludes that such perpetrators are ultimately not responsible for their behavior, because they have a disease.  Those with a disease are, of course, offered compassion.  Since they conclude that this can’t be a choice or an impulse not resisted or pure evil, then it must be a disease.  Therefore, they believe that incarceration is useless and cruel and the real way to protect us is to put them in therapy (another liberal enclave).

The Catholic Church never turned its child molesters over to the police.  They put them in spiritual rehab again and again and again.  It’s the same mentality:  these people are not evil; they are not criminals.  They are sick and need comfort and direction.

And what about the children who were raped, beaten and murdered?  Well, they say, the best way to insure that no more children are hurt is rehab therapy and spiritual guidance.

That is all complete BS.  These people are evil. 

There is an organization called NAMBLA – the North American Man/Boy Love Association – and they march in parades and have websites and meetings geared to promoting the “healthy reality” that kids are sexual and have a right to their sexuality, and the only reason it has been criminalized is that society is uptight.

Molesters in various forms are quite open, as their world view is that they are healthy and we are not.

Since it is not politically correct to judge any more, many folks in our society (and in positions of power) include child/adult sex as a normal variant of human sexuality (as they do sex with animals and consenting sex with extreme violence and/or near-death experiences).

As we keep dumbing down our notions of right and wrong, you will see more and more of this stuff normalized in our society.

Pretty soon we’ll hear Nero on his violin.

Thank You to Critter Country Alpaca Ranch

I got a wonderful delivery today from Cindy Mendiola of CRITTER COUNTRY ALPACA RANCH in Moreno Valley, California (email here).  She gifted me a whole bunch of baby alpaca yarn for my weaving and knitting projects for charity (WOUNDED WARRIOR FOUNDATION and others).  The yarn is lovely and her generosity is much appreciated.  Her company is a family operation…she actually has alpacas!  Their store also has clothing, rugs, stuffed animals, books, alpaca yardage, etc. all at reasonable prices (I’ve checked).  Again: THANK YOU to Cindy and Mark Mendiola!”

Quote of the Week

The beauty of daylight saving time is that it just makes everyone feel sunnier.
               – Rep. Ed Markey

Don’t forget to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour this weekend!

Protecting Our Kids Against Convicted Sex Offenders

People in San Diego are understandably enraged and confused:  a convicted sex offender (who, in the past, had beaten and raped young girls and got only five years in prison) was let out on parole…to rape and kill a young woman again.

In another part of the country, Gary Becker, the fifty two year old former mayor of Racine, Wisconsin had faced up to more than twenty seven years in prison after pleading guilty to child enticement and attempted sexual assault of a child.  What did he get?  His sentence was three years in prison.

The judge in the case, Stephen Simanek, said (brace yourself) that he had been prepared to sentence Becker to probation – PROBATION!! – but was alarmed to discover that Becker had purchased girls’ underwear two weeks prior to sentencing. 

So, instead of probation or 27 years, he got 3 years (with the potential to get out in 1 1/2 years for good behavior – probably because there are no girls to rape in prison). 

In my opinion, any judge who gives less than the permitted maximum should lose the bench.

In my opinion, any Board of Parole that lets a convicted sex offender out before their maximum time is served should lose their position.

It’s a rare thing – in fact, I have NEVER read of a case of rape/molestation/murder of a child done by someone who had no previous record, so letting them out under any circumstances automatically condemns one or more children to rape and/or death.  Great comment for a civilization to make, right?