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Parachute Jump Teacher Saves Student from Sure Death

I’m writing today about Dave Hartsock of Texas, and all the people who are like him.

Dave was the instructor.  His student, a woman, was a total newbie.  The day for the parachute jump was beautiful:  sunny, clear, warm.  Dave gave Shirley her briefing before they took off in the airplane to jump – in tandem (that means attached to each other), as he has done hundreds of times.  This day was different.  This day the parachute did not deploy properly and they were spinning to their certain deaths.

They did not die though, but Dave is now paralyzed.  When the chute didn’t open properly, he checked to see if he could fix it, and realized there was no fix, so they were in trouble.  After spinning toward the ground for what seemed forever, he accepted the gravity of the situation.

He told Shirley to tuck her feet in, and he twisted himself so that he would hit the ground first and cushion the fall for Shirley with his whole body.  He took the hit for her.

Why?  I watched a Fox News interview with him, and he said that when people jump with him, they trust him with their lives.  He has the obligation, he said…the obligation…to make sure they come out okay:  “I was going to be the one to take the shock to make her okay.  That was my first obligation.”

Whew.  What a man of character!  He is now permanently paralyzed.  He figured he would likely die in order to be the shock absorber for his student’s body, and he did it with calm and resolve.

This attitude is no different from the guys in combat in our military, our police, and our firefighters.  It takes a certain profound character to put one’s life on the line for strangers because of obligation willingly and voluntarily accepted.

We need more people like Dave.

I watched him in his wheelchair, still calm and accepting of his situation, and firm in his resolve. 

No anger…no resentment.  Just character.

Quote of the Week

Bravery never goes out of style
               – William Makepeace Thackeray
                  English novelist

This Monday, Memorial Day, remember the brave men and women who died in service to our country.

Standing Guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C.

Hooters Takes A Hit

I used to think it would be fabulous to own or run some small business.  No more. 

Why?  Simple.  Because unions and ridiculous laws have made it extremely difficult to actually run your own business!

Case in point:  Hooters Restaurants.  Just like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, or the Radio City Rockettes, how their female employees (or servers) look is a major part of their identity and success. 

One waitress had been working at Hooters for two years.  Like many other businesses, Hooters gives regular reviews to its employees.  At her last review, this waitress was told that her ability to deal well with co-workers and customers was great.  However, in their opinion, they were concerned that she filled out her Hooters T-shirt and shorts a bit too much.  They put her on 30 days’ probation, and offered her a FREE membership – free! – to a gym.  If she didn’t get fit enough to “fit” into the Hooter’s image size-wise, she would be let go.

So what does she do?  Does she take advantage of the free membership and get fit?  Of course not.  This is America in the year 2010:  the appropriate response is to whine, complain, sue, go on television and badmouth Hooters, and then get an attorney and sue.

I watched her on one TV interview and wondered why they never had her stand up in her Hooter’s outfit and let us see for ourselves rather than just hear about it.  From my view of her from her belly button up, she looked a bit heavy.

I believe Hooters has the right to decide the image for their establishment and girls like this one should stop with the “victim” mode and do what is required to quality for the position of Hooter girl.

Gawd…I am soooo tired of the whining and complaining instead of seeing someone rise to the occasion.

Turning a Boy Into a Responsible Man

The other day I took a call on my radio program from a mother who was upset at her husband.  The husband had told their 9 year old son that he was not allowed to watch TV for a 24 hour period as a consequence of his unacceptable behavior – in this case, leaving the TV on even though he was finished watching it and had left the room.

The husband had come home from work the previous day and almost immediately checked to see what channel the TV was set to – turns out it was tuned into a kid’s network, so he knew right away that his son had disobeyed him and watched TV when his viewing was supposed to be restricted.  The father sat down with the boy and they talked about honesty, integrity, and respect for parents.

The mother was incensed that the father had “checked up” on the boy.  I immediately responded by saying, “Well, that’s being a good parent!”  I explained that the father’s job is to take his boy and turn him into a man, and a responsible one at that.  To do so, he had to use whatever was at his disposal to keep up with what the boy was doing, so that he could continue to teach and lead his son into healthy, productive adulthood.  I said that the father did the right thing.

The mother did stop and say, “I hadn’t looked at it that way.”

It seems like she spent a lot of time thinking about our exchange, and below are excerpts from an email I received from her shortly after:

…I was so nervous about my call that I didn’t get to thank you for your clarity…. Because of you, I was very aware of my “feelings,” and that they may not be a reason to respond to this situation [sic].  Recognizing this allowed me to spend all night digesting what happened without saying a word, even though my feelings were to be ‘Mother Bear’ and overreact to the situation. This led to me calling you for your perspective.

You pointed out to me that my husband was being a good parent.  You are so right.  He truly wants my son to succeed and grow to be a responsible MAN.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking how terrible this situation could have played out had I indulged my ‘feelings.’

Your wisdom has saved yet another crazy, emotional woman and spared my wonderful husband of thinking that his wife and girlfriend doesn’t give him the respect and support he deserves.

While I can’t thank you enough, rest assured that I plan to completely thank my husband tonight!

America’s Most Important Issues

Last week, I logged on to Google’s Blog Search just to see what some of the latest issues Americans seem to be concerned about.  Here are the ten most important issues on American minds last week (based upon “action” to these website stories, whatever that means):

1. Number One:  The results for American Idol.  God help us all.  “…Casey James was sent home, making way for shy rocker Lee DeWyze and earthy mama Crystal Bowersox to duke it out in the Season 9 finale.”  As I have never watched American Idol – ever, I have no clue who these people are, but apparently America is more concerned with them than any other story or event in the United States.

2. Number Two had some worldwide importance.  Apparently, there is or was a Facebook group that posted “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” which was in reaction to the apparent Islamic response (death threats) to anyone depicting Mohammed in any form.  Pakistan banned Facebook, because of this particular group which was testing the concept of free speech.  While this is still censorship, at least it wasn’t pushing for murder.

3. Number Three:  Megan Fox won’t be appearing in Transformers 3.   And….???

4. Number Four:  The President of Mexico trashed Arizona for policing its borders against the influx of illegal aliens from his country.  He did this at the White House, with President Obama smiling by his side.  I was fascinated to read about President Calderon’s comments against Arizona bearing the brunt of the expense of illegal aliens and finally fighting back within the law.  He was basically missing the point:  PEOPLE ARE DYING TO GET OUR OF HIS COUNTRY, and Obama is suggesting that the USA not be a sovereign state.  Well, my answer is to annex Mexico and finally make use of the resources to support their own people without violent drug wars and corruption.  I’m not sure Obama and Calderon actually read the Arizona law, which forbids profiling.

5. Number Five:  North Korea fired a torpedo that killed 46 and sank a Korean naval warship.  This is Korea’s worst military disaster since the Korean War.  Does anybody still laugh at the “axis of evil” comment of a prior president?

6. Number Six:  Google unveils the Chrome web store, and something about a Sports Illustrated app.  I’d say more about these technological advances if I understood them.

7. Number Seven:  Google launches Open Web M web video format based on VP8….huh?

8. Number Eight:  Kentucky’s senatorial candidate Rand Paul and Trey Grayson play “telephone.”  The burning question:  did Rand Paul (the victor in last Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary in Kentucky, diss the man he defeated?  Well, I guess if you’re unhappy about who won this race, find something to criticize.

9. Number Nine:  The mascots for the London 2012 Olympic Games are unveiled.  Ahh….you figure out what the heck they are.

10.  Number Ten:  And this will be very upsetting:  Actress Amanda Seyfried and actor Dominic Cooper have split up – evidently, he’s been fooling around with Lindsay Lohan at the Cannes Film Festival.  Over all these stories, this makes me the saddest – not because Amanda’s feelings are hurt, but because enough Americans cared about this situation to make it into the top ten.

Quote of the Week

Hail, bounteous May,
That doth inspire Mirth, and youth, and warm desire;
Woods and groves are of thy dressing,
Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing,
Thus we salute thee with our early song
And welcome thee, and wish thee long

               – John Milton
                  English poet
                  from Song – On May Morning

Casey Anthony Deserves the Death Penalty

Casey Anthony is charged with murdering her 2 year old daughter and dumping the child in a vacant lot near her grandparents’ home in Orlando, Florida.  Anthony lied about a Hispanic babysitter having the child, and she was photographed partying in the days after the child’s disappearance.

The prosecutor is seeking the death penalty and I say:  RIGHT ON!  If ever there were a case begging for the death penalty, it is the callous murder of a toddler by its mother.

In death penalty cases, jurors are asked to weigh aggravating circumstances that make a crime especially heinous against mitigating factors that favor mercy.  Someone would have to dig long and deep to find motivation for mercy in this case.  The prosecutor’s office points to aggravating circumstances that qualify for the death penalty:

* Death occurred during aggravated child abuse.
* It was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel
* It was committed in a “cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.”
* The child was under 12, and the mother “stood in a position of familial or custodial authority” over her.

In Florida, a prosecutor only needs to raise one of 15 possible aggravating factors to support their decision to seek the death penalty.

The upshot is this:  if Casey Anthony is convicted, she will face the death penalty.

I am 250% behind the death penalty.  Why?  Because I believe that there are conditions under which one forfeits one’s freedom and life, and murdering an innocent child in cold blood to (I suspect) free up one’s party life qualifies for that.  In my opinion, without the death penalty, we demonstrate a lack of respect for human life.

The financial source for Casey’s ability to pay fancy lawyers is largely the money she received from ABC News for the licensing of photos and videos.  Sickening.

Let me dispense with tone of the supposed “gotcha” arguments about the death penalty:  how can I be against abortion on demand but for the death penalty?  Easy.  One is the murdering of an innocent; the other is the killing of a guilty party.  Murder is the killing of an innocent.  Killing may be necessary when it’s in defense of one’s country or one’s person.  Murder eliminates the life of someone who is innocent….like little Caylee.