Hooters Takes A Hit

I used to think it would be fabulous to own or run some small business.  No more. 

Why?  Simple.  Because unions and ridiculous laws have made it extremely difficult to actually run your own business!

Case in point:  Hooters Restaurants.  Just like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, or the Radio City Rockettes, how their female employees (or servers) look is a major part of their identity and success. 

One waitress had been working at Hooters for two years.  Like many other businesses, Hooters gives regular reviews to its employees.  At her last review, this waitress was told that her ability to deal well with co-workers and customers was great.  However, in their opinion, they were concerned that she filled out her Hooters T-shirt and shorts a bit too much.  They put her on 30 days’ probation, and offered her a FREE membership – free! – to a gym.  If she didn’t get fit enough to “fit” into the Hooter’s image size-wise, she would be let go.

So what does she do?  Does she take advantage of the free membership and get fit?  Of course not.  This is America in the year 2010:  the appropriate response is to whine, complain, sue, go on television and badmouth Hooters, and then get an attorney and sue.

I watched her on one TV interview and wondered why they never had her stand up in her Hooter’s outfit and let us see for ourselves rather than just hear about it.  From my view of her from her belly button up, she looked a bit heavy.

I believe Hooters has the right to decide the image for their establishment and girls like this one should stop with the “victim” mode and do what is required to quality for the position of Hooter girl.

Gawd…I am soooo tired of the whining and complaining instead of seeing someone rise to the occasion.