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NOW Takes on KFC

Here’s the skinny on KFC:  the world’s largest chicken chain’s US same-store sales fell 7% in the second quarter of 2010.  Two weeks ago, KFC revealed more than 60% of Americans ages 18-25 couldn’t identify who that “old guy” (Colonel Sanders) was on the KFC logo.

Obviously, time for a change!  Spalding University in downtown Louisville is the first campus in America to be involved in the logo change.  KFC’s Marketing Division paid $500 for a cute college coed to parade around campus with “Double Down” emblazoned across her not quite tight sweat pants, obviously to attract young men who are the key customers and the biggest fans of “Double Down” KFC Sandwiches.

Frankly, I have absolutely no problem with this.  But the National Organization for “I don’t know what kind of” Women has a big problem with this.  Terry O’Neill, president of NOW says “It’s so obnoxious to once again be using women’s bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products.”

Gee, I don’t know….how healthy (emotionally and physically) is it for women to have perfectly good babies sucked out of their bodies in an abortion?

I don’t know…how unhealthy (emotionally, physically, and financially) is it for women to intentionally make babies while single, with no daddy for the children and no husband to share love, life, responsibilities, and finances?

I don’t know…how unhealthy (emotionally and physically) is it for women to put their children in the care of institutions instead of their own arms, voice and time?

I don’t know…how healthy (emotionally and physically) is it for women to have casual sex (“hooking up” as it’s called)?

These are all issues that NOW does not criticize.

NOW criticizes a sign on the rump of a college coed.  Give me a break.

And as one comment on this story read:  “If NOW were not the shrill, hypocritical, quasi-Marxist ‘women’s advocacy group’ that it is, it would concern itself with REAL issues such as Islam’s treatment of women in much of the world (and in not-so-isolated cases right here in the USA) regarding honor killings, husbands’ ‘rights’ to beat their wives, stoning, second- or third-class citizenship and the like.’ “  And another comment:  “How amusing.  So the NOW organization, which has no problem with burqas, and no problem with a former president [Clinton] accused of rape, finds it offensive for women to advertise on their behinds.”

Well, I find it offensive when a gorgeous, voluptuous, former Miss Something or other, wearing very tight clothes, goes into the locker room full of naked men ostensibly to get “interviews” after a football game, and gets her nose bent out of joint when they hoot and holler.  I thought her behavior was provocative, inappropriate, and unnecessary, and her outrage at being admired absolutely ridiculous.  And the guys got punished!  I think her behavior was sexual harassment!

I thought the National Organization for “I don’t know what kind of ” Women’s chief purpose was to promote women’s rights?  Doesn’t a woman have the right to do with her body as she chooses?  If she can kill babies in her womb, should she not be able to earn a few bucks with a “Double Down” tag on the rump of her loose-fitting sweats?  Walk the streets in prostitution?  Produce and star in pornography?

I had a feminist professor from an east coast university write me a threatening letter when I published a column promoting married mothers raising their own babies.  She pretty much said I singlehandedly was trying to keep women oppressed and in poverty.  So much for my rights to free speech.  She promised to amass a movement to eliminate my written voice, simply because I promoted mothers loving, holding, teaching, feeding, protecting, and nurturing their own babies.

I don’t believe NOW has much credibility in general, much less in this circumstance.

Denying Gender Differences

In 2005, Lawrence H. Summers resigned as president of Harvard University.  That announcement came a week before a “no confidence” vote by the Harvard faculty was expected.  Why?  The answer is simple:  activist groups in general, and feminist groups in particular, don’t accept facts when they oppose their agenda.

Dr. Summers discussed human gender differences in an academic conference.  He suggested that innate gender differences between the sexes might explain the few women in science and math.  The response to his factually based comment was akin to the apocalypse!

Summers was replaced by Drew Faust (the Women’s Studies Department head, and a feminist, of course).  $50 million was dedicated to promote “women only” affirmative action in science, technical, and engineering departments.  In the name of gender equality and political correctness, we aim to destroy the scientific base of America!

There are basic facts that agendas cannot eliminate…but they can bury.  Fact:  Men are represented at the top and the bottom of the IQ curve.  Greater male variance is seen throughout the animal kingdom.  That means that when you draw the IQ “bell curve” from low to high, more men than women appear at the genius level and at the lowest levels.  Females predominate at the “average” performance of grade average in general, but males predominate in the highest percentiles of grade performance as well as the lowest.

Feminists, desiring desperately to avoid these facts, seek to remove males from employment in the upper-performance range in science, math, and engineering in colleges, which ultimately results in the removal of the upper-performing males, and down the tubes goes American technical strength.

That there are male and female differences in brains and abilities has been a known scientific fact…forever!  I taught about this at the University of Southern California in the Department of Biological Sciences.  I always added the caveat that an individual should be free to utilize his or her true abilities, regardless of gender.

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton explained last week that “There appears to be a difference in the size of the brain when you compare men versus women; we’re talking about the anatomy here.  Obviously, male brains tend to be larger, because men tend to be, but within the brain, certain structures, and parts of the anatomy, some are bigger in women and some are bigger in men.  So, for example, in male brains, men have six and a half times more gray matter than women do.  Gray matter is partly responsible for information processing, so that may explain in general men tending to be better in math.  But women have as much as ten times the white matter – the part of the brain that’s partially responsible for connecting information processing centers.  This could contribute to why women are such good multi-taskers.  We know that women are more prone to depression, and  men tend to be more affected by things like attention-deficit disorder and schizophrenia.”

The denial of the male/female differences, the tyranny of feminism, has resulted in the sexual revolution (casual sex, casual abortions), fatherless families, children being raised in “day orphanages” (my term for day care) instead of by a mommy and a daddy, and destructive mandates like Title IX. 

I suggest you read “Taking Sex Differences Seriously,” by Steven E. Rhoads, who has taught public policy at the University of Virginia for over thirty years.

I would also suggest you read “Who Stole Feminism?” by Christina Hoff Sommers, as well as her “The War Against Boys.”

Neither men nor women are happier apart or together since feminism took hold in our society.  The ongoing response I’ve had to “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” proved this point as thousands of women wrote to tell me that they understood their power as women, appreciate their femininity, and have found tremendous happiness being their husband’s girlfriend instead of persistently disgusted wife.  Women have been discovering for several decades that “having it all” simultaneously is the quick road to an emotional implosion.

Dr. Summers was railroaded out of the presidency of one of the most hallowed halls of learning in America because he dared to state facts that an activist group with a generally liberal mentality simply did not want to hear.  Remember the movie “Planet of the Apes?”  Human beings had destroyed the earth with nuclear war, and apes survived and evolved while the leftover humans became their slaves.  The most educated of the apes – scientists and politicians – did not want the apes to know that MAN was here first.  Any more advanced humans were silenced.

Does that sound familiar?

Truth Can No Longer Be Spoken

Last week, I wrote about Molly Norris, the Seattle cartoonist who made a declaration that April 10, 2010 should be known as “Everybody Draw Mohammed” day.  This poor woman is now on a designated Muslim “hit list,” according to our FBI, and has to go into hiding for the rest of her life.  The American-born Muslim imam Anwar al-Awlaki (the guy who allegedly inspired the Fort Hood massacre) singled out Molly Norris as a “prime target,” saying “her proper abode is hellfire.”

Our government isn’t protecting her.  Moderate Muslim groups are not protecting her.  Her free speech rights have evaporated along with her life as she knows it:  friends and family and job are gone as she has to “go ghost.”

Well, this situation keeps happening all over America.  The New York Times reports that some Harvard University faculty members and students are objecting to a plan to honor an alumnus and editor of The New Republic, because of a blog post he published this month that said Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims.  The editor, Martin Peretz, asserted that among Muslims led by the founder of the proposed Muslim Community Center near Ground Zero in New York, “there is hardly one who has raised a fuss about the routine and random bloodshed that defines their brotherhood.”  He went on to say he wondered “whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse.”

Let’s look at his assertions.  For which one is there evidence of an untruth?  Are there not suicide bombings and attacks all over the world perpetrated by Muslims on innocent Muslims as well as innocent Westerners?  Is there a profound moderate Muslim movement which is aggressively attacking the so-called radicals?  Are moderate Muslim groups protecting the speech – no, forget that – the very life of Molly Norris?

It has gotten to the point in America that truth cannot be spoken if it offends somebody or their agenda.  Let Abdelnasser Rashid, president of the Harvard Islamic Society debate Mr. Peretz and provide facts and information to refute his claims.  That is the American way.

I am gratified to inform you Harvard issued a statement that Mr. Peretz’s assertions were “distressing to many members of our community, and understandably so,” but it would not revoke the honor.  Hallelujah.  “It is central to the mission of a university to protect and affirm free speech, including the rights of Dr. Peretz, as well as those who disagree with them, to express their views,” the statement continued.  At least one institution in America is still standing up for what is inherently American:  freedom of speech.

I am worried though some imam will respond to Harvard’s refusal to be intimidated by issuing a fatwa for Mr. Peretz as exists for Molly Norris. 

That is our world today.  Face it.  Deal with it.

Quote of the Week

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
               – Albert Camus
                  French Algerian author and philosopher
                  Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1957

Autumn Leaves

Who’s Harder to Raise – Boys or Girls?

I came across a very interesting article in Parenting magazine:  “Boys vs. Girls:  Who’s Harder to Raise?”  If you only had one or the other, your answer would simply be whatever you endured as a parent!  If you had both, well you probably have strong opinions based on which kid gave you the most grief, stress, and challenge.

According to the article, parents of boys complain about dealing with “fights, farts, and video games,” but parents of girls complain about “fussy fashion, prickly social navigations, and a far greater capacity to hold a grudge.”

They’re both right.  Boys are girls are equally “harder” – just in different ways. Of course, every child is unique and environment counts for something, but there is such a thing as a male brain and a female brain, and they operate quite differently!

Here are some categories to look at:

1.  Discipline
Boys are harder.  Boys are less verbal and more tactile.  Telling them to “stop” is not as powerful as picking them up and plopping them back in their rooms.  Boys respond to physical cues.  Girls respond to verbal ones.  And at least while they are young, girls tend to want to please more; boys are simply into their own worlds and are more impulsive.

Five times as many boys than girls are singled out for medication or diagnosis with some disorder when it is likely just the result of a male brain requiring more opportunities to expend innate energy and aggression (which is why sports is more important for boys than girls – there, I’ve said it).  Boys need firmer limits too (which is why I think boys and girls should be educated separately, and boys should have alpha male teachers.

2.  Physical Safety
Boys are harder because they are inherently more physical and risk-taking.  Taking risks for boys is “hard-wired” in, whereas girls are more careful.  Boys need to be guided into limits; girls need to be encouraged to take risks (this is usually what a father does for his daughter).

3.  Communication
Girls are hard wired to be people-oriented, while boys are hard wired to be action oriented.  Boys talk later than girls and have more trouble connecting feelings with words.  Girls talk, talk, and talk some more and get involved in drama, drama, drama; boys will fight with each other and then it’s over – off they go to do rough and tumble.

4.  Self-esteem
Girls are harder, because they’re people oriented and therefore people pleasers.  Boys march to their own drums.  Girls worry more about what friends think and say about them and they try to achieve perfection in how they look, becoming absorbed in who likes them.  This is why sports and creative arts are important for girls – when girls use their bodies with strength, and their talents with creativity, they gain a positive sense of themselves.

The bottom line?  Parenting claims that boys are harder early on (girls are cute and compliant at this stage, but boys are impulsive and rowdy), while girls get harder later on, with all their relationship and self-image turmoil.

So no matter what gender your children are, “fasten your seatbelt” – you’re in for a bumpy ride, but one which is also emotionally rewarding.

Fatwa Issued Against Seattle Cartoonist

I feel so very sorry for Molly Norris.  She is the Seattle cartoonist who, tongue in cheek, made a declaration that April 10, 2010 should be known as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”

As you may know, Islam does not permit renditions of Mohammed.  Worse than putting pressure on her newspaper to fire her for her insensitive comment, she is now on a “hit list” – that’s right…a fatwa has been issued by the Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the imam who’s been indicated as inspiring the Fort Hood, Texas massacre as well as the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. Soldiers.  Anwar al-Awlaki singled out Molly Norris as a “prime target,” saying “her proper abode is hellfire.”

The FBI Special Agent, David Gomez, told reporters that “We understand the absolute seriousness of a threat from an Al Qaeda…and are attempting to do everything in our power to assist the individuals on that list to effectively protect themselves and change their behavior to make themselves less of a target.”

She has been told to “go ghost,” meaning moving, changing her name, and wiping away her identity.  Her life, as she knows it, is gone, or her life will literally be gone.

Our government is not going to protect her; she’s out on her own, a target of religious bigotry and tyranny.

Granted, this was a blatantly offensive comment — I know something about being offensive without specifically intending to do so – but when an American is put on a hit list by a religious leader of a community that argues it is pro-peace, it makes one wonder if words are meaningful when actions are contrary to those words.

I call on all Muslims around the world to crack down on Muslims killing Muslims, and Muslims killing infidels.  This is not civilized and cannot be negotiated with.  Only other Muslims can force their brethren to value free speech and opposing opinions, even objectionable ones…especially objectionable ones.