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I’ve Had It With Berkeley, California

I have had it with Berkeley, California, that anti-American bastion of disloyalty to the values and existence of the United States of America.

In February, 2008, the Berkeley City Council approved a measure calling for Marine recruiters to leave Berkeley, because they “are not welcome in our city.” If recruiters chose to stay, they would do so as “uninvited and unwelcome intruders.”

The Council also applauded any residents or organizations that “volunteer to impede, passively or actively, by non-violent means, the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley.”  And a handful of folks did just that – some held up signs which said “No Military Predators in Our Town,” or “Join the Marines.  Travel to Exotic Lands.  Meet Exciting and Unusual People – and Kill Them.”

Closing down military recruiting stations actually disallows freedom – the freedom of choice of young men and women to volunteer for military service if they’re so inclined – without having to go out of town to do it.

And now it comes to the point where I’ve had it, and I am calling for Berkeley, to secede from California and the United States and go form their own pathetic country:

The Berkeley City Council is entertaining a resolution to declare than an Army private accused of leaking some classified information to Wikileaks is….(brace yourselves)…a HERO.  City “Peace and Justice” Commissioner Bob Meola, who authored the resolution told the San Francisco Chronicle that PFC Bradley Manning, 22, is a patriot who deserves (brace yourselves again) a MEDAL!

Manning is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret cables to Wikileaks.  He compromised American interests across the globe, and put the very lives of Afghan allies at risk of torture and death by the Taliban and comprised America’s relationships with its allies around the world.

My research into Manning suggested a kind of unhappy misfit with a huge ego about being smarter than his superiors.  I don’t believe for a moment that his motives were benevolent to any cause but his own self-aggrandizement.  But that just my opinion.

Nonetheless, what he did is treasonous.

From my perspective, Berkeley has a long history of anti-American sentiments and acts such as attempting to keep its own citizens from having access to volunteer for military service, providing a refuge for illegal immigrants, and ignoring the sovereignty of this nation.  It has been a sanctuary for military who are AWOL, and a haven for potheads.

I believe in freedom of speech – not freedom to break laws which put Americans and others at risk for their lives. To call for a medal for a private who betrayed everything he committed to is beyond disgusting. 

My contempt for the city of Berkeley knows no bounds.  My feet won’t touch their soil again.  Besides, I’m certain that if I publicly made it known that I was planning a trip to Berkeley, they would be sure to put together a quick resolution to ban relatively short, sorta blonde, outspoken, conservative mothers of military sons.

Quote of the Week

True religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess
               – Louis Nizer
                  Noted trial lawyer and author
                  1902 – 1994

Baptists Need to DO Something About the Phelps Family

I’m certain you’ve heard of the vile, blasphemous, ferociously mean, insensitive, disgusting and downright evil actions of the members of the Phelps family of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist church – a group of trash who give Christianity a seriously bad name.  This group travels all over the country, protesting at military funerals, and saying that “the deaths of soldiers are God’s way of punishing the country for homosexuality.”  Motorcycle groups like the Patriot Riders travel to these funerals as well, to rev between these slime (who call themselves religious) and the suffering family and friends gathering for the funeral of an American hero, a son, a brother, a husband, or a friend.

I want to know whether there is any organization of Baptist churches which “pulls the member’s card” (if there is such a thing as Baptist excommunication).  If there isn’t one, there ought to be.  Where are the Baptist churches which send out their own members to stand between this evil group and the innocent?

Phil Roberts, President of the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri  has said:

“The Southern Baptist Convention has repeatedly stated its position on homosexuality.  The 2000 Baptist faith and message said Christians should oppose all forms of sexual immorality including adultery, homosexuality and pornography.  However, since 1980, various SBC annual meetings have passed ten resolutions related to homosexuality including one in 1985 testifying of God’s love for homosexuals.  It reads: ‘We affirm the Biblical injunction which declares homosexuals, like all sinners, can receive forgiveness and victory through personal faith in Jesus Christ.’

The difference between Fred Phelps and the Southern Baptists is vast.  Phelps has a heretical position because, indeed, we are commanded to go and make disciples of all people.  That means all religions, ethnicities, and moral categories, realizing that all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Homosexuals need Jesus Christ just as everyone else does.  The sin of homosexuality is a forgiveable sin…..

….Phelps apparently is quite willing to do God’s work for God in terms of condemning them all to hell without mentioning that redemption awaits  everyone who comes to faith in Christ….

…[This] man is not representative of the Christian community.

I have a huge problem with this.  Roberts is arguing about whether or not homosexuality is a sin; whether it’s forgiveable.  This is so not the point!

Whatever your philosophical or spiritual religious notions are about homosexuality, these people supposedly representing the Baptist Church are going from funeral to funeral, disrupting the mourning, the pain, the lives, and the ceremonies to cherish a lost warrior in the name of their religion.  It is blasphemous to speak for God or do something evil in God’s name (and that’s from a little Jewish girl).

The Phelps family has been emotionally and psychologically terrorizing military families in mourning for years using the banner of free speech.  I love free speech (as you know if you listen to my program), but since you can’t yell “fire” in a movie theatre when there isn’t one, I propose we have laws that prohibit protests at funerals within a five mile radius.  The pieces of crap called the Phelps family would then be out of shouting distance, but still have their freedom of speech!

What triggered my writing about this is that one man, Ryan Newell had enough and apparently decided to do something about it since no one else would.  Mr. Newell is a decorated military veteran who lost both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan.  He received many medals for his service, including the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.  He is being charged with five misdemeanors, including stalking and three counts of criminal use of a firearm, as well as impersonating a law enforcement officer after he was found following a van that carried the Westboro church members.  The Westboro creeps say they feared for their lives.
What??  They can dish it out but can’t take it?  A number of lawyers have volunteered to defend Mr. Newell pro bono.  Good for them.

But I’m asking for more than lip service from the Baptist churches around the country.  This sort of reminds me of CAIR, the Council of American-Islamic Relations.  They go ballistic and start bullying and threatening any time someone speaks their mind about Islam.  I don’t, however, see them muscling the bad guys in their midst.  I don’t hear about it.  I don’t hear them digging out cells or undermining attempts to blow us up.  I don’t hear about that.  What I hear from CAIR is lip service – defensive, hostile, bullying lip service – and I want to hear MORE from the Baptist churches than the proclamation that “folks need to realize that this man is not representative of the Christian community.”   Why not put your body where your mouth is?  If he’s blaspheming God in your name for years and years and  years, I really have the expectation that you’d clean up your own house. 

I’m pretty exasperated with these people being allowed to do what they do.  It’s America – I know, they’re allowed to protest.  I get that, but where are the Baptist churches sending people in buses, trains, cars and planes every time the Phelps family announces that they are going to be somewhere?  I would expect Baptists to stand up against blasphemy and to stand up for the families of our fallen American heroes.  Lip service is bull.  Talk is cheap.  Do something about it.  Do something legal, do something moral, but do something.

Do Away With “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Volunteering for the military means a number of important things:

  • It’s a noble act of patriotism
  • It means accepting authority over every aspect of your life
  • It’s a seriously dangerous job
  • It’s not exactly a high-paying job
  • You get benefits during and after service
  • You have a community of support
  • It involves structure and discipline
  • It’s a heroic endeavor
  • It is an honorable, self-sacrificing career
  • It is worthy of great respect

So, when someone wishes to volunteer for relatively low pay and high danger to protect you and me, I say “THANK YOU” and “huzzah!”

This business of being concerned over whether or not a person is gay is utterly ridiculous, in my opinion.  Homosexuals have served in the military since we had our ragtag guys in the forest dealing with Indians and British.  Straight men and women have fought next to gays eaten in the chow hall next to gays, PT’d next to gays, bunked next to gays, and even died next to gays, whether they knew it or not.

Neither color nor sexual orientation should bar anyone from fighting for their country, nor should it eliminate them from being part of the band of brothers.

Being homosexual does not mean that every man is a turn-on; even straight men in the showers compare…”notes.”  The rules against fraternization are there for everyone – men and women – whether they are straight or not.

Under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the military no longer asks a person’s sexual orientation upon enlistment (it used to be a question on enlistment forms).  The military no longer investigates claims that a person is homosexual.  They can, and do, investigate allegations of homosexual conduct, which is still grounds for an honorable discharge.  “Conduct” includes not only sex acts while on active duty, but also includes telling others you are homosexual (the “don’t tell” part of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”).

A long-awaited report from the Pentagon on this issue was released last week, and the conclusion was “repealing the policy would have some limited and isolated disruption to unit cohesion and retention, but the effects would not be long-lasting or widespread.”  That was probably the same result when blacks and Hispanics were integrated into the military ranks also, and that has evolved positively.  It will take some time.  Meanwhile, we will be expanding our ranks of the brave and resolved to fight for our country.

Of course, it isn’t all that simple.  There are issues of benefits for domestic partnerships, and whether they will be recognized as married men and women.  I assume that will eventually be worked out.

My main point is, in spite of the White House’s absence of an Executive Order to immediately allow gays to serve openly in the military, it is time to recognize the desires of all people competent to serve in our military, and afford them the opportunity to contribute to this noble, sometimes thankless, necessary profession.

Quote of the Week

We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still.
               – John Stuart Mill
                  On Liberty, 1859

I Will Not Be Silenced

Something very scary is starting in this country – in the land of the free that you and I all love – so you need to pay attention.

Four months ago, I said I was ending my terrestrial radio show at the end of the year because I wanted to regain my First Amendment rights.  A lot of intellectuals snickered and said I didn’t know what I was talking about – only the government can take away First Amendment rights.  I was only being threatened by non-government organizations like Media Matters.

Well, where do you think fascism and censorship start? 

They start when one person or one group of people demands another person or another group of people be silenced.

On Monday, I did a lot of interviews.  In every interview, I talked about how free speech on radio is in jeopardy, in danger of being regulated – censored – by people who are offended – personally and politically offended – by opinions with which they do not agree.  Rather than debate the issues, certain people in this country are suggesting the opinions which offend them should simply be silenced.

You’ve heard how CNN fired Rick Sanchez because he voiced his opinion about Jon Stewart being a bigot.

You’ve heard how NPR fired Juan Williams because he voiced his personal opinion about Muslims and 9/11.

And you say, “Well, that’s still not the government censoring opinion.”  Well, listen up, because that’s only the beginning.

On November 17, on the floor of the United States Senate, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) proposed that the FCC pull the plug on Fox News and MSNBC.  He said:

“There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.’  It would be a big favor to political discourse; to our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people….”  That’s what a United States Senator said.  Censorship:  a big FAVOR to the American people.

Two days after Senator Rockefeller dropped that bomb, Al Sharpton joined the fight for censorship.  Al Sharpton, on his radio show (where he has the right to free speech), said “the FCC needs to give guidelines of what is permittable or permitted” to say on radio, and the FCC should “set standards” to make sure “groups of Americans” cannot be offended.

And on Monday, on MSNBC (which, if Senator Rockefeller had his way would NOT exist – I simply exercise my American right not to watch it), Al Sharpton on “The Ed Show” [with Ed Schultz] talked about…ME…and how terrible it was I should still be on the air, and that it was unfortunate I was going to satellite radio where I can’t be REGULATED.

Then, Al Sharpton said this about Rush Limbaugh:

“I’m in Washington tomorrow….we’re going to the FCC.  We’re not going to let this go.  He [Rush Limbaugh] is not on uncensored satellite.  He’s on regulated radio.”

That’s a threat!

Do not kid yourselves.  My mother grew up in Fascist Italy and taught me all about it.  This is scary.  Satellite is uncensored.  Radio is regulated and, according to Al Sharpton, regulated means the FCC can censor someone because their opinions are offensive.

  1. I’ve offended people throughout my career.  When I said:
  2. Abortion that is not for the purpose of saving the life of the mother is killing a baby, some people were offended.
  3. Interracial adoption (indeed, any adoption) is a blessing, some people were offended.
  4. Interracial dating and marriage is fine, some people were offended.
  5. Parents should not excommunicate their gay offspring, some people were offended.
  6. Children are best served by a married mommy and daddy, some people were offended.
  7. Women who “shack up” out of wedlock are “unpaid whores,” some people were offended.
  8. Activist groups are largely tyrannical, destructive groups who cause people to be angry and to isolate themselves, some people were offended.
  9. The feminist movement (especially the National Organization of “I Don’t Know What Kind of” Women) betrayed women’s nature, some people were offended.
  10. Unmarried women should not “make babies,” intentionally robbing them of a daddy, some people were offended.
  11. Getting drunk, going off with some guy, getting naked and getting it on is not date rape, some people were offended.
  12. Wearing low-cut, tight, revealing sexy clothes and flaunting your sexuality to men, who respond approvingly is not harassment, some people were offended.
  13. Feminist women who treat their husbands poorly and then complain when husbands stray or leave when it is largely their own doing, some people were offended.
  14. Focus “studies” courses in colleges and universities are breeding grounds for intolerance, anger, and hate, some people were offended.
  15. Children who are out of control due to medical and/or psychological conditions, age, or poor parenting should not be present at wedding ceremonies, some people were offended.

Apparently, I just can’t help but offend people! 

But these are my opinions. And this is America.  And we should all have the right to express our opinions or else this will cease being America as it was envisioned and created. 

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.