Monthly Archives: April 2011

Quote of the Week

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
                – Theodore Roosevelt
                   26th President of the United States

Interview with Publisher of Movieguide, The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment

I often hear from parents that it’s difficult to find movies or TV shows that the family can enjoy together.  Ted Baehr, publisher of was my guest recently and discussed that issue as well as the results of his research into the kind of movies that do best at the box office.  You may be surprised: Interview with Ted Baehr

Interview with Founders of Mom-E-Preneurs

A few months ago, I met Charisse McCoy and Shurhan Bass, two wonderful women who co-founded Mom-e-preneurs, a non-profit support group for moms who work from home.  They have found a way to be stay-at-home moms while still building businesses (but not at the expense of their children).  If you want to work from home while still being there for your kids, this is a “must” listen.