No More Land, Only 2000 Miles of Ocean

As we went to the start line, we sent off our first video.  (Watch: Heading to the Start).


We’re now about 3 hours into the race.  We had a great start…right at the committee boat – exactly where we wanted to be.  It has been mostly warm but then the ocean picked up as well as the wind.  For quite a while we were bouncing hard upwind.  We ate our chicken wrap sandwiches from the local restaurant, Gladstone‘s. They were great!  Tonight, we dive into the freeze-dried food.  It is important to eat and drink water constantly as this experience is quite taxing.


We just took Catalina Island to port (to the left side of boat) and are now on route to what we think our next “waypoint” ought to be.  Catalina is the last bit ‘o dirt we’re going to see for over 2000 miles!  That is weird thought, believe me.


Currently, we are all on deck, but at 6 pm this evening the “watches” start.  I am on then until ten pm, then it’s four hours of sleep; four hours on deck, etc.  It will take a while to get used to that schedule.

Be well.