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Susan G. Komen Foundation Buckles

Yesterday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation cut off funding to Planned Parenthood ostensibly because it is in their set of standards not to give funding to organizations under federal judicial investigation.  Planned Parenthood is under such an investigation.

Just about every liberal group and organization came down hard on the Komen Foundation and they have now reversed their decision and will continue to give money to Planned Parenthood. 

I didn’t know money donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research was funneled anywhere else.  When I found this out, I immediately stopped being a donor or participator in any size, shape, or form.

There’s an interesting article by John McCormack in The Weekly Standard on Feb. 2, 2012: “After Lying About Providing Mammograms, Planned Parenthood Outraged That Breast Cancer Charity Cuts Off Grants“  

Here are some excerpts because I really want you to have clarity:

Last spring, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards went on CNN and claimed that if Congress cut off funding to Planned Parenthood “millions of women are going to lose access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.” But as pro-life activist Lila Rose documented in a video, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. [It gives referrals.]

Remember this article was written before the Komen Foundation reversed its decision today…

This story is worth recalling in light of the news this week that the Susan G. Komen Foundation, one of the nation’s largest breast cancer charities, has cut off funding (more than $600,000) to Planned Parenthood. Cecile Richards wrote that the Foundation’s decision to “end its support of lifesaving breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood health centers comes as a blow to women across America.”

But they don’t provide mammograms.  Everybody is lying.  And whether the Komen Foundation gives its money to Planned Parenthood or not, this amount is not going to hurt Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.  This so-called “non-profit” is worth around $1billion.  They claim only 3% of their services are abortions, but that is very misleading.

There’s another cover article in The Weekly Standard from 2007 titled: “Planned Parenthood’s Unseemly Empire“  by Charlotte Allen which is also worth reading.

One way Planned Parenthood massages the numbers to make its abortion business look trivial is to unbundle its services for purposes of counting. Those 10.1 million different medical procedures in the last fiscal year, for instance, were administered to only 3 million clients. An abortion is invariably preceded by a pregnancy test–a separate service in Planned Parenthood’s reckoning–and is almost always followed at the organization’s clinics by a “going home” packet of contraceptives, which counts as another separate service. Throw in a pelvic exam and a lab test for STDs–you get the picture.

They “bundle it.”  So a person going in for abortion gets all these other things as part of the abortion package and then Planned Parenthood claims abortion is only 3% of their services.  ‘We have all these other things that are happening.’  No, they’re all happening because of the abortion.

Probably the most egregious thing is Planned Parenthood’s looking the other way to statutory rape:

A large number, perhaps a majority, of underage teen pregnancies are not puppy love gone awry, but involve adult men who are significantly older than the pregnant girl. A study published in the journal Family Planning Perspectives in 1992 found that 62 percent of first-time births to teen mothers had been preceded by experiences of molestation, rape, or attempted rape, with the mean male-offender age 27.4 years. The Guttmacher Institute reported in 1995 that more than 40 percent of mothers age 15-17 had sexual partners three to five years older; nearly 20 percent had partners six or more years older.

So in 60% of these pregnancies, the partner was an adult! By the way, the Guttmacher Institute started out as an arm of Planned Parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood’s confidentiality principles can thus run squarely up against laws in every state, typically bearing criminal penalties that require health care workers to report suspected incidents of sexual abuse or statutory rape to law enforcement. In 2002, a Texas-based pro-life group called Life Dynamics launched a sting operation, hiring an actress to call more than 800 abortion clinics nationwide, including many Planned Parenthood clinics. She told the receptionists that she was a 13-year-old girl who needed an abortion, except that her boyfriend was 22 and she didn’t want him to get into trouble. The reported response at 91 percent of the clinics (including Planned Parenthood’s) was: Don’t mention your boyfriend’s age when you come in, and all will be well.

So the Susan G. Komen Foundation obviously siphons off money for all kinds of things like supporting Planned Parenthood, an organization that seems to be okay with statutory rape under the aegis of “protecting children.”  Protecting them from what?  Certainly not adult sexual predators!  It’s despicable how much of your taxpayer money the government uses to subsidize Planned Parenthood which supports this kind of behavior.  And every time they’re caught, they go, “Oh, gee. We didn’t know this was going on.  This is terrible.  We’ll stop it.”

I think it is abysmal the Susan G. Komen Foundation collapsed when types supporting it like Hollywood moguls, Democratic candidates, and liberals with money, all came down hard on them.  Why did they buckle?  Follow the money.  It’s all about the money.  It’s not about principles.  It’s all about the money. 

So a pox on the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  And a continuing pox on Planned Parenthood.

I’m sure all you parents really want your 14 year old daughters to have sex with adult men and get abortions at Planned Parenthood without you knowing.  I’m sure you’re all very excited about that.  I’m sure you’d all go, “I’m for it!”  Well, that’s what you’re subsidizing if you’re giving money to either of those organizations now.  If that’s okay with you, then send your money.

The Misguided Standards of YouTube

In the election last week, Missy Reilly Smith ran for Washington DC delegate to the United States House of Representatives (she lost to Eleanor Holmes Norton).  Smith ran largely as an anti-abortion candidate.

She ran 30 second ads which aired 24 times on local broadcast network affiliates across the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, preceded by a 15 second warning (added by the station management) due to the shocking content.

What was the ad?
It was 30 seconds of still photos of aborted babies.  Dead babies ripped apart and sucked out of a mother’s womb aren’t very pretty, but they are real and should be shocking to a civilized society.  We can have daily abortions by the thousands, but we can’t look at exactly what is happening?
If you can’t look at it, perhaps you shouldn’t do it.

Ms. Smith’s 30 second ad was pulled from YouTube, which posted a notice that the video amounted to “a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

Ahhh.  Well, you should know what, for years, YouTube has not found shocking and/or disgusting content.

YouTube has been the long-term home for videos featuring calls to jihad by Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born, Yemen-based cleric, who has played an increasingly public role in inspiring violence directly at….YOU.
 He has literally hundreds of videos preaching and urging Muslims everywhere to join in a worldwide holy war against…YOU.  And his videos have had millions of views.

So, let’s get this right.  Actually seeing the results of an abortion are unacceptable on YouTube, but years of videos calling for the deliberate murder of Westerners is….what, free speech?  Terrorist recruitment videos featuring Islamic fighters with guns and rockets is free speech?

A YouTube spokesperson said they are trying to distinguish videos that are merely offensive from those that cross the line of their rules prohibiting “dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech and incitement to commit violent acts” or that come from accounts “registered by a member of a designated foreign terrorist organization” or used to promote such a group’s interest.  That rule seems clear enough.  So why did it take years and years of international begging for YouTube to remove last week some – some – of the hundreds of videos featuring calls to jihad by a creep playing an increasingly public role in inspiring violence directed toward….YOU?

I wish I knew the answer.  I wish I understood why a video of aborted babies got axed immediately, while several governments and individuals have struggled for years to get these jihad videos off YouTube.  I wish I knew why there is so much tolerance for this jihadist hate and violence, and so little for the fate of aborted babies.
I wish I knew.

YouTube Pulls Anti-Abortion Ad

Missy Smith is running for Washington D.C. delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives.  She is running against incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton and claims to have the backing of the Tea Party movement.
What is most interesting about this candidacy?  She is running largely as an anti-abortion candidate.  She runs a 30 second ad which will air 24 times on local broadcast network affiliates across the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, preceded by a 15 second warning that was added by the station’s administrators.
Her 30 second ad was pulled from YouTube, posting a notice that it amounted to a “violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

What is the ad?  It’s 30 seconds of still photos of aborted babies.  Missy Smith’s voiceover admits to her having had two abortions:

“I was told it’s not a baby.  They lied to me. They exploited me.  Then I learned the truth and I’ve suffered for years.  And believe me, I am angry.  My heart has been ripped out.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Norton…they all support the murder of babies and the abuse of women by abortion.  It’s time to make child-killing illegal again.”

I’ve been rolling around in my mind YouTube’s comment on “shocking and disgusting.”  Yes, the murder of innocent babies in the womb is shocking and disgusting in a civilized society.  Dead babies ripped apart aren’t really pretty.  But it is the truth.
If it’s really that gruesome, should it be a “right?”

We can have daily abortions by the thousands.  Why can’t we look at what it is exactly that’s happening?

I went on YouTube and explored by using words like “shocking,” “disgusting,” “vulgar,” “mean,” and others.  And what happened?  Videos appeared with subjects like atrocious sexual exploits with links to sites with “more more more,” fart compilations, squeezing pus from boils, and a snake eating a hamster.

I agree with YouTube that using stills of aborted children amounts to “shocking and disgusting content.”  I challenge every single Planned [un]Parenthood clinic to show women coming in for abortions these photos, and THEN let them choose.  I challenge every high school to show photos of aborted babies the same way they show horrible shots of car accidents to alert young people to the dangers of drunk driving.

It is shocking and disgusting to me and many others that people find it just fine to murder babies in their bodies without seeing the sonograms of their babies moving in their womb, without looking at photos of the baby at the level of development of theirs, and without seeing the final result of the abortion.
Choosing without being totally informed is not really make a choice. It is hiding from actually making a choice.

Unwanted babies are wanted by some other family.

If a continuation of a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, abortion would be reasonable in self-defense.  If a continuation of a pregnancy will result in a baby that will certainly die shortly after birth, in compassion, an abortion would be reasonable.  But to waste a perfectly good baby over disinterest, inconvenience, embarrassment, and even economics is really shocking and disgusting.

You can find Missy Smith’s website at  Check it out.

Sometimes truth hurts.

The Solution to Unwanted Pregnancies

Just when you thought web-based programs couldn’t get more depraved, we have the introduction of a fake attempt to “humanize” the discussion about abortion by having “actors” pretending to be pregnant tell their sob stories and have you, the audience, decide if the baby should live or die.

I’m not kidding.  Supposedly, the producers got this bright idea from Barack Obama’s commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, when he said he wanted “to find ways to communicate about a workable solution to the problem of unintended pregnancies.”  I thought we already came up with such a solution:  it’s called ADOPTION.

Here’s the rundown of an episode:

1. A wife of a brave, deployed military man who screws around on him gets knocked up.
2. A wife of a man who is violent, but who keeps cranking out babies with him.
3. A couple who just wants to get on the phony reality show.

Yeah, this really advances the discussion about abortion.

Just because these women were irresponsible, should an innocent human being die?  Just because a woman has created a lousy circumstance for the well-being of a child, should the innocent child die?

How about this:  The entire time the woman is whining about her life, show a split screen with a live video of the fetus moving around, sucking its thumb, doing back flips, etc.  Then we’ll vote as to whether the mother should be given the death sentence after the baby is born.  What a great idea for a reality show!

The solution to unwanted pregnancies is to take responsibility, or to give that blessing to someone else.

CBS Does the Right Thing for Super Bowl XLIV

I am so proud of the CBS Television Network.  There’s been a ridiculous furor over a planned Super Bowl ad featuring college football star Tim Tebow, funded by Focus on the Family.  It recounts the story of Pam Tebow’s pregnancy in 1987.  After getting sick, she ignored doctors’ recommendations to abort her fifth child, and gave birth to Tim Tebow, who went on to win the 2007 Heisman Trophy and guide the Florida Gators to two BCS championships.
This should be an inspirational story for women.  Not according to NOW (the National Organization of “I don’t know what kind of” Women), NARAL, and other organizations which support women killing the babies in their bodies if they wanna.  These “feminista” types generally call themselves “pro-choice.”  Well, it looks like they’re not too happy about the promotion of women who don’t make the choice to kill their baby.
When a woman’s inspirational story of making the choice to avoid an abortion to take the risk of giving birth to her child becomes controversial in a culture, that culture has degraded to a horrible point.  It is frightening to me that NOT killing the baby in your body is controversial, but killing the baby in your body is not controversial.
Here’s my idea:  let’s make an ad for the “pro-killing baby” feminista types.  Show a brief clip of the baby being macerated and then shift focus to a happy woman who’s celebrating that death and her resulting freedom.
Then let’s make an ad for a woman who doesn’t want her baby who goes to term and gives the baby to a stable family – a married mom and dad — for adoption, and shift focus to a happy woman who’s celebrating that life and her freedom.
Then, let’s vote.

After Viewing Abortion, Planned Parenthood Director Quits

I never thought I’d see this headline, but it is real:  “Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound.”

Abby Johnson, 29, worked at a southeast Texas Planned Parenthood clinic for 8 years, the last two as its director.  She was, in her own words, extremely “pro-choice.”  What changed her was watching a video of an ultrasound of an actual abortion.  She watched a fetus “crumple” as it was vacuumed out of a patient’s uterus in September.  That was the turning point for her.  She has since stayed home to raise her 3 year old daughter.

Here’s a very important point:  all activist groups change the wording of their identity or actions in order to temper the emotional response of others, and in so doing, gain acceptance.  “Abortion” became “CHOICE.”  Well, everyone likes to have choices – that was a brilliant technique to obscure the facts that a human being is dismembered, crumpled, and sucked with a vacuum out of her mother’s body into a container or sink and ultimately eliminated as an issue in the life of the mother-who-was (versus mother-to-be).

But this was not the only problem for Abby Johnson.  She says that since revenues were down, she was ordered several times by her bosses to increase profits by performing more and more abortions, which cost patients between $500 and $700.  “It’s a very lucrative business, and that’s why they want to increase numbers,” she is quoted as saying.

Planned Parenthood likes to talk about abortions being only a small part of Planned Parenthood’s activities.  Planned Parenthood likes to say that its focus is on prevention.  Johnson’s reply?  “For them, there’s not a lot of money in education.  There’s not as much money in family planning as there is in abortion.”

Johnson also said, “Ideally, my goal as the facility’s director is that your abortion numbers don’t increase, because you’re providing so much family planning and so much education that there is not a demand for abortion services.  But that was not their goal.”

Can you say “whistleblower?”

Planned Parenthood’s response?  Guess!  You’re wrong.  They got a temporary restraining order against Ms. Johnson and the Coalition for Life (an anti-abortion group with which Johnson is now affiliated, and which is located just down the block from this Planned Parenthood clinic). 

Why a restraining order?  Simple….they don’t want the truth to be spoken, and isn’t that “telling.”

Knowing Your Baby’s Gender…Too Early

Over the years, I’ve learned of many reasons to have babies:

1. a loving, married couple decide to begin or grow their family.
2. an unloving couple figure a baby will save the day and their marriage
 (how do no sleep and ’round the clock feedings do that?)
3. some girls think that having a baby will make the boy love them.
4. some boys think getting a girl or girls pregnant is a sign of manhood.
5. some loving couples get surprised.
6. some folks make a baby in order to use the new baby’s blood or bone
 marrow to save an existing child with a serious illness.
7. some unmarried women make babies in order to feel “fulfilled”

 ….and the list goes on.

What’s more worrisome than numbers 2-7 above is a new test to reveal the gender of a fetus in early pregnancy.  The American-designed IntelliGender test kit (which can be used from 8 weeks after conception – that’s two months) went on sale in Australia last month.  They’ll sell for about $125.

Since the kits do not test pregnancy, they don’t require state approval under the New Zealand Medicines Act.  To use the new kit, the company says that a pregnant woman needs to mix her urine with the kit’s chemicals in the supplied container.  If it turns green or black, the fetus is a boy; if it turns orange or yellow, it’s a girl.  It’s purported to be 90% accurate, but no one has revealed the science of how this test works.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and I are worried about what the test might lead to.  “The concern we would have is that people would then terminate pregnancies on the grounds of sex selection,” said college president Dr. Ted Weaver.  A spokesperson for the company suggests that it is unlikely that abortions would follow a test with only 90% accuracy.  In fact, he said he’d be “amazed.”  Then what is the test for?

Gee, he pointed out, for hundreds of dollars more, the woman intent on sex-selection abortions could pay for amniocentesis, or she could wait until she’s 5 months pregnant and have a state-funded ultrasound. 

Is he kidding?  Pay more money?  Wait till more than half the pregnancy is under way?

This kit is FOR the purpose of sex-selection abortions.  Just remember:  ten percent of the time, you’ll abort – kill – the wrong (at least according to your desires) baby, and there is no guarantee that the next 10 times you try to get pregnant that the same thing won’t happen.

But don’t worry…be happy.  Eventually, you could probably get the gender of baby you desire.  I just hope your baby is understanding (once he or she grows up), and grateful that you terminated so many of his or her siblings to get to him.  And I hope he lives up to your expectations.  I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed that he or she just doesn’t have the personality, looks or smarts to justify what you did.

Executive Orders and Roe vs Wade

Transcription of Opening Monologue from Dr. Laura’s program 1.23.2009 

Dr. Laura: Well, we have another anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade “you can kill the babies in your body” law.  And there was a big march yesterday and, supposedly, our new president was going to be signing an executive order un-doing Bush’s, which undid Clinton’s, which undid the first Bush’s (they went back and forth) about the government putting money in non-governmental foreign concerns, when there are abortions, so that we, the tax payers, wouldn’t be paying for it.

Now, apparently, there’s going to be a lot of money in perpetuity, for the rest of all humanity, going to the number one baby-killing mechanism in the United States, which is, in my opinion, Planned Parenthood.  So I’ve been beseeched and besieged with people telling me to go to war over this.  I’ve given it great thought and slept on it.  Me?  I’m no wuss – if there’s a battle to be fought, I’m there, with pearl-handled guns.  No question about it.

However, approaching this issue of abortion through the legislature and the courts is a lost battle.  Totally lost battle, in my opinion.  And since I’m big on personal responsibility and moral choices, that’s where this ought to go.

I am here every day begging, pressuring, cajoling, negotiating, nagging people to do the right thing, especially when it comes to their kids.  Not divorcing, unless it’s dangerous or destructive in some horrendous way, because kids need an intact family.  Not to have kids out of wedlock intentionally, because that ruins their lives, statistically speaking, emotionally and psychologically.  And not to have abortions.  You live with that for the rest of your life, and there’s a dead human being who could’ve been somebody really special.

So, basically, I sit here every day, well five days a week, and put pressure.  Pressure, pressure, pressure.  I give the arguments I can, write the books and support, what I believe, are more humane decisions.  And that’s the way it’s going to have to be.  The law could say that it’s perfectly legal to rip a baby out of your body anytime you damn well want.  But the law can be there, and we can choose not to do it.  It’s not against the law to not have an abortion.  It’s not against the law to put a child in a situation for adoption.  And, is the only time we’re going to do something, is when there’s a law?  Can’t we do the right thing without a badge in our face?

So, in your families, you can teach your children that affordable housing means housing you can afford, not housing the tax payers can afford for you, but what you can afford for you.  I’ve lived in some sad situations, but that’s because that’s what I could afford.  So, for me, that was affordable housing.  To say somebody else has to afford your housing is not the mentality this country was built on.  And it’s certainly not a mentality that makes you feel good about yourself.  That it’s perfectly legal to get pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, doesn’t mean it’s something you ought to do or it’s a good thing to do.  It can’t make you feel better as a person or a woman, when giving somebody you created the opportunity for life is a better choice.

So I give up with the Planned Parenthood nonsense.  That, to me, is just part of the evil empire…that place.  And I give up with Roe vs. Wade.  I give up with that.  You’re not going to get anywhere with that, folks.  Give that up and turn to each other.  Stop looking for the government to take care of this.  Look to yourself.  Influence each other.  Do the right thing; be open about it.  Anybody who’s ever gotten pregnant in the wrong situation and put a baby up for adoption, say it out loud!  Make it be a wonderful thing!  Not a thing of shame, but a wonderful thing – that you were willing to sacrifice nine months of your life, plus the nine months it takes to get your body and mind back together again, in order that another human being, brought into this world by no fault of their own, no doing of their own, has a life.  You should be proud of yourself.  That’s why when women call me and tell me they put children up for adoption they couldn’t take care of, I tell them they’re my heroes.  So, stop looking to the government for the handout, the bailout, the law.  You know what the right thing is to do.  You know.  You know the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, since the beginning of time (read the Bible) the influences around you try to dissuade you from doing the right thing.  Listen to the small, still voice:  Your conscience that tells you the truth.  Follow that voice.  If not, follow mine.  Okay?