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The Solution to Unwanted Pregnancies

Just when you thought web-based programs couldn’t get more depraved, we have the introduction of a fake attempt to “humanize” the discussion about abortion by having “actors” pretending to be pregnant tell their sob stories and have you, the audience, decide if the baby should live or die.

I’m not kidding.  Supposedly, the producers got this bright idea from Barack Obama’s commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, when he said he wanted “to find ways to communicate about a workable solution to the problem of unintended pregnancies.”  I thought we already came up with such a solution:  it’s called ADOPTION.

Here’s the rundown of an episode:

1. A wife of a brave, deployed military man who screws around on him gets knocked up.
2. A wife of a man who is violent, but who keeps cranking out babies with him.
3. A couple who just wants to get on the phony reality show.

Yeah, this really advances the discussion about abortion.

Just because these women were irresponsible, should an innocent human being die?  Just because a woman has created a lousy circumstance for the well-being of a child, should the innocent child die?

How about this:  The entire time the woman is whining about her life, show a split screen with a live video of the fetus moving around, sucking its thumb, doing back flips, etc.  Then we’ll vote as to whether the mother should be given the death sentence after the baby is born.  What a great idea for a reality show!

The solution to unwanted pregnancies is to take responsibility, or to give that blessing to someone else.

Planned Un-Parenthood and YouTube Naughty Bedfellows

SFLA, Students for Life of America, are furious because of video of one of their undercover investigations has been pulled from YouTube.  Evidently, according to Kristin Hawkins who heads the organization, “Last week SFLA posted a video on YouTube exposing Planned Parenthood in Charlotte, North Carolina, covering up statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl.”

Here’s the story: a college woman volunteering for SFLA entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Charlotte, posing as a 15-year-old girl who had unprotected sex with the mother’s adult, shack-up boyfriend.  She told that staff that the stud had suggested she come to Planned Un-Parenthood and get the “morning-after” pill. 
Planned Un-Parenthood gave her the pills, and made an appointment for her to start taking birth control pills without parental knowledge or consent.  SFLA also proved that the crime was not reported by PP to local police, which is a violation of North Carolina Law.

According to Ms. Hawkins, YouTube said the tape had inappropriate content – damn right it did: it showed PP breaking laws…that’s pretty inappropriate.  As it turns out, YouTube has also yanked previous pro-life organization videos while it does, according to Ms. Hawkins, continue to play videos which show, for example, a young man desecrating the Eucharist.

To watch SF’s video visit

I’m always impressed with the star-studded and blinged out locals who attend the yearly Santa Barbara Planned Un-Parenthood fund raising events even with the ongoing  stream of information demonstrating their cavalier attitude towards minor women pregnant by adult men, their disrespect for parental rights, as well as their resistance to diving full force into the adoption realm.

Discarded Babies?

The Boston Herald (February 25) reported that, in 2007, a record number of newborn babies were given up by their parents (in reality, probably just the mother) under Massachusetts’ Baby Safe Haven program.

The law came to pass after state Representative Barry R. Finegold (D-Andover) proposed the bill, which would allow a parent to legally surrender a baby, aged 7 days or less, at a hospital, police station, or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution.  In other words, under certain conditions, Massachusetts legalized child abandonment.

Honestly, I cannot understand the critics of this law.  They argue that the law creates an “easy out” for reluctant mothers.  Darn straight!  The fact is that these girls and women didn’t legally kill the baby in their bodies, nor did they abandon them in a dumpster or toilet.  They knew that they couldn’t raise a child and had an option which contributed to the well-being of that child and the adoptive family.

Another criticism is that this strips children of their heritage.  Are you kidding? Since when does one’s place on a genetic family tree trump a loving home environment?  They also say that this law promotes irresponsibility.  What?? What is more responsible than giving a child over to people who will arrange for the child to be loved and nurtured, when they know they cannot?

The Department of Social Services, which oversees the Safe Haven program reports that the Baby Safe Haven hotline has helped thirty women to get into a parenting or adoption plan.  They also said that “parents give up their babies for various reasons, including post-partum psychosis, emotional immaturity, and social isolation.”  Whatever the reasons, the woman is still making a conscious choice to “save” her baby from her own emotional and social problems.  I say these women are heroes.

Letter of Love

Listener Leslie wrote:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to tell you about my sweet husband.  We have been married for over two years, and are now hoping to adopt a baby (you wouldn’t believe how long and tedious this process is, but we know it will be worth it!).  He has always supported my decision to be a stay-at-home mother, and we’ve been saving and planning for two years. 

Two weeks ago, after a long day at my stressful job, I came home crying.  My wonderful husband told me to quit my job, stay home, and relax so that I am 100% ready to be a mother. 

Oh, Dr. Laura, what a relief!  Tomorrow is my last day at this job, and every morning for the last two weeks, I have made my husband lunch, and my job is now to make our dollars go as far as possible.  Every night, he has come home to a happy wife, a hug, an “I love you,” and a hot meal.  Oh, how he beams! 

We may not yet have a baby, but I can already say that my husband is his kid’s dad, and I am proud to be his wife.

The Real Meaning of “Choice”

I had an experience recently I will not soon forget.  I had a conversation with a woman with whom I’ve become quite friendly who told me a fascinating story.
She was adopted.  Although she is very close to and loving with her adoptive family, she was quite interested in knowing something about her birth mother and father – for medical history reasons (I never quite believe that, considering the technology available today for diagnoses) and for curiosity’s sake.  She realized and accepted that there would probably be “the good, the bad, and the ugly” to learn, and she was right. Continue reading