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Britney Spears and Kohl’s Team Up…To Subvert Morals

Kohl’s Department Store has signed a deal with Britney Spears for her to “represent” their Juniors clothing line – you know, the line for young girls.  Part of this deal is to promote her music and current tour.  Parents, here’s a sample of what Kohl’s sees as a great match for your daughter:

“Get Naked”
My body is calling out for you, bad boy
I get the feeling that I just want to be with ya’
Baby, I’m a freak and I don’t really give a damn
I’m crazy as a mother ‘effer’
Bet that on ya man

Get naked…would you mind?
Take it off (I took it off)
Get naked.

Her so-called “Circus” tour is highlighted on YouTube.  Ya gotta love the guys in leather thongs and those tassel pasties she sports.  Frankly, she makes Madonna’s Virgin tour look downright virginal.

Kohl’s Department Store must know that:
* Her first marriage lasted 55 hours.
* Her second marriage lasted a bit longer
* She posed in the nude for Harper’s Bazaar
* She flashed a naked crotch at photographers getting out of her car
* She has been busted for drug use
* She lost custody of her children because of child endangerment issues
* And on and on….just the role model for our young daughters of today.

Did you know that Spears was named the “Most Searched Person” in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 and 2009?  Kohl’s probably thinks that “attention is attention” – what the hell if it sells junior-size schmatas?

One of my listeners wrote a letter of complaint to Kohl’s, stating that she is “very sad to learn Britney Spears is a part of your store.  She has had such troubles and still is not in charge of her life, nor has she been found competent to raise her own kids.   You have elected to reward her and flaunt her irresponsible behavior.  We will no longer shop at Kohl’s.”

I read the (probably) form letter that Kohl’s wrote in response, which purported to “regret that you have concerns regarding this decision.  Ms. Spears is an international celebrity and pop culture icon who embodies the spirit of the Candie’s brand and personifies the iconic ‘Candie’s Girl:’  flirty, self-confident, and stylish.”

Their letter goes on to say that Britney has a right to privacy (are you kidding?  Twisting tongues with Madonna on a stage demonstrates a desire for privacy??), and her personal life does not reflect the views of Kohl’s Department Stores.

Flirty, self-confident and stylish?  How ’bout “piggish, out of control, and irresponsible parent?”  She is, however, PAYING Kevin Federline (a/k/a “Daddy”) some $5,000 per week while she blasts around with this vulgar tour which should make billions.

How stupid does Kellogg’s now feel for dumping Michael Phelps for sucking up pot through a bong?  They actually thought that values, character and role-model responsibilities mean something!  Silly, silly them.

You parents ultimately decide where your children shop and what they buy.  Try being responsible and stand up for values. 

Disney Girls Vamp It Up

When I was a kid, I was desperate to become a Mouseketeer – wearing those mouse ears, dancing, singing, and acting in one of the weekly Disney specials.  Alas, telling them of my dream in a postcard sent to them at the age of 12 got no response.

At that time in Disney’s history, children’s “things” were innocent and sweet.  No more.  We are now in the era of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens and now, Miley Cyrus posing for Vanity Fair topless, beneath a draped sheet, and sporting a seductive look.

It’s no surprise that little girls and boys look up to young celebrities with enthusiasm and yearning, and it’s obvious that these celebrities become instant role-models as well.  My Disney role-models were talented and squeaky clean, because that was Mr. Disney’s vision.  That was a good thing – or at least most families with children believed so.

Most parents of 15-year-olds are pretty upset about this inappropriate display of an adolescent in Vanity Fair, where Cyrus is exposing her body in a vulgar way and giving their own children the wrong idea of feminine modesty and self-respect.

Vanity Fair defends this travesty as beautiful, natural, and artistic.  How ’bout saying the truth:  they did this to sell magazines, and the best way to sell magazines is to sensationally exploit somebody or something.  When it comes to exploiting children and vulgarizing their innocence, somebody ought to pull the plug on the photographer’s lights. 

Apparently, former teen star Hilary Duff professed (according to Fox News) that she would never have made the mistake that Miley did by posing topless beneath a sheet.  When I first heard of Duff’s statement, I got excited that someone of her celebrity would take on the elites of Manhattan and Hollywood.  Well, that dimmed immediately upon reading her entire statement, which included the following:

“Everyone goes through things and takes their own path; who am I to judge decisions that she made?  People are pushing you to do something, and if you want to do it, that’s your choice.  It’s not what I would choose to do, but if she did, then that’s fine.  That’s her choice.”

In 2008, I am shocked to read the same lame, amoral, immature and gutless rhetoric of the 1960′s.  Anything one chooses to do is fine simply because it is their choice?  So, there is not right and wrong?  There are no obligations to standards for the sake of others and the community?  All things we choose to do have value simply because we choose to them?

Take that philosophy to your standard innocent and naïve youth, and what do you get?  You get the blasé determination that the best thing for little girls is an injection for a sexually transmitted disease (venereal warts) almost as soon as she reaches double digits in age!  You also get Planned Parenthood aborting babies for these little girls and not reporting to the police that the fathers are adult men.   You get young women so scarred and corrupted by all the “choices” they’ve made, that they can barely imagine, much less trust, the yearning for a safe, committed, happy marriage and family.

That one look of Miley over her shoulder, with her chest barely covered with a sheet is an assault on the innocence of even more young girls…just when we thought they got the idea that becoming another Britney Spears was not such a good thing.