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Women Gone Wild

Of the people who commented on a recent news story in which several so-called “mistresses” and a wife blindfolded and bound a man and then Krazy Glued his penis to his stomach, 68% of them LAUGHED.  They actually LAUGHED at this story.
They wouldn’t have laughed if it were the other way around, i.e., if several men glued a woman’s genitals closed. 

I am amazed that these women don’t think they did anything wrong in this attack!  I can immediately think of a whole bunch of things, including false imprisonment, assault, sexual assault – and that’s just for starters.

This is the story.  The married man from Wisconsin planned to rendezvous with one of his several lovers at a motel.  The four women (including his wife) planned to have one of them make that “date” so that then they could ambush him together.  One of the women told investigators that she met him online through Craigslist, fell in love (online), and paid for his use of a motel room for the past two months.  She, like the others, gave this man money.  So, let’s review:  these scummy women picked up a guy off the Internet, decided it was “love,” and paid for motel sex and gave him money!  And they were expecting what?  True romance, honesty, integrity and everlasting love??

I honestly can’t understand why they’re even angry.  They brought this on themselves, by acting like they were somewhere between sluts and purchasers of prostitution.   During this ugly episode, unbelievably, one of them asked him which woman he loved the most!  What does love have to do with any of this?  Another threatened to shoot him.

Apparently, his wife knew all about the honeys he had on the side, but instead of hitting the “eject” button, she decided to participate in this assault. 

Obviously, he’s a jerk.  But now, these women are all possible felons.

Alleged Craigslist Killer’s Fiancee Has It All Wrong

Philip Markoff, 23, the alleged Craigslist killer, has a loyal, faithful, supportive fiancée.  The big question is….WHY?

Authorities say he trolled Craigslist’s erotic services section, where he met a 25 year old woman and lured her to a luxury hotel in Boston.  Supposedly, he meant only to steal money, but he also had a loaded gun, and allegedly shot her dead, presumably because she fought him.

How’s this for evidence: 
1) the murdered woman’s underwear was at his house
2) the bullet that killed her came from our boy’s gun, and if that isn’t enough,
3) his fingerprints were found on the wall of the hotel room where a stripper was tied up in an attempted robbery.

What does his pathetic fiancée do?  She proclaims her love and support and her complete disbelief that any of this is true, describing him as a loving and caring person.

You’ve heard this story (including women who hunger to marry convicted murderers) way too often.  Why do women do this?

Simple.  Question:  how humiliating is it to be associated with an evil person?  Answer:  Very!  So, if one takes the position that “I only know him as a good person,” some of the humiliation is tempered.  After a little while, the healthiest of these women fade out of sight; the others make their identity “the fiancee OF (fill in the blank).” 

Some women find glory in “standing by an evil man,” because they believe it defines them as truly “good” to sacrifice and have such loyalty, faith, and belief.  Some women believe that their love can and will transform the man – that it will heal him, and then their own lives will have value, and he will be beholden to them, never leaving them and always loving them. Other women are frankly amoral, narcissistic, and/or sociopathic, and they identify with the perp.  That kinship keeps them connected. Still others want their 15 minutes of “reality show fame” and notice, and feel a most distorted sense of value from that exposure.

All in all, this young woman’s response ought to have been:  “I am shocked and horrified that I could not see that this man had two lives.  I am sorrowful for the woman who lost her life and her family and friends.  I regret the harm he’s caused so many people.  This is going to take me a while to recover from, as I obviously had a brush with evil.”

Instead, her family quietly called the wedding hall and cancelled the reception, because Philip was probably not going to be available.