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Am I Anti-Female?

“I love your show, but it makes me CRAZY when you subscribe to the double standard that men get a pass on being sexually cavalier but women are to be thoroughly and soundly condemned.  Why, oh why, don’t you condemn the men as much as the women?  Why aren’t they just as ‘piggy’ and deserving of condemnation?  That societal attitude encourages men to attempt to use women sexually as their birthright and also encourages women to be insecure and distrustful of sex in general.  You’re putting a sexual burka on women overall with that attitude.

I’m not advocating casual sex.  I’m condemning the acceptance of a double standard.  Come on!  There are two sides of that coin and each should assume major responsibility for engaging in casual sex.  Until the act is equally condemned, how can women take those rules seriously?”

This is a recent email from a listener taking me to task for what she perceives is a sort of anti-female, double standard mentality. 

First of all, God and nature are responsible for the reality of a double standard.  Women have breasts from which to suckle the baby born from their uterus after a nine month gestation.  Women’s high-pitched voices and hearing are geared for the infant-mother bonding that miraculously takes place right after birth.  Women’s temperaments to nurture, cuddle, coo, and protect are hardwired into their psychological programming.  Women are different from men.

There is no question that men more easily dissociate love and sex.  Young males in particular are open to sexual experiences for the challenge, orgasmic satisfaction, and status among other males.  These qualities are not synonymous with femininity.

Women give themselves sexually to men out of love, a desperate desire to be wanted and loved, or for money.  It is not typical, as it is with men, for a woman to feel proud of the number of men who have penetrated her; and the only women who look for the sexual challenge are those so twisted with anti-male rage that domination of a male is a form of psychological rape which satisfies that neurotic anger.

Males are generally out of control every which way until they fall in love and take on the obligations and responsibilities of a man committed to a woman and family.  All the research demonstrates that men who are married make more money, are healthier and happier, and function better socially than “loner” men.  In fact, the deranged males who perpetrate horrendous acts of violence are generally such loner males with no families to make them feel important, give them purpose and direction…and love.

Women are the taming and socializing force in society.  Men will only do what women allow.  Remember the ancient Greek classical play “Lysistrata”?  The women in the town refused to have sex if their men continued to participate in war and violence.  Poof, all the violence stopped.  Women have always had the power over men; but feminism got women off the track of realizing that, and on the track to only hating or disdaining men.

Now, women have largely become “pigs.”  Instead of embracing modesty, pride, values, and self-value, they parade around showing their bodies like Playboy bunnies, have sex before “hello,” shack up with men without marital commitment, make babies on their own (declaring that men/fathers aren’t necessary), use abortion as birth control, and don’t imagine feminine sweetness has any place in marriage and are bored with sex with their husbands but turn on to every other Tom, Dick, and Harry.  That is why men have little respect for women these days.

Feminists Should Go Where They Are Needed

I’m all for feminists…in their place, of course (which clearly isn’t in the kitchen; but I digress)

Instead of marching in public to make sure that babies born even up to, but not including, their heads can be killed (also known as late term abortion), and that minors can abort their babies without mommy and daddy knowing, and demanding that the world provide day-care so that all mothers can dump their kids into the arms of hired help, and also that unmarried women can adopt babies in spite of the need of children for a daddy…how ’bout having these well- meaning activists go to Afghanistan and protect girls whose only wish is to go to school and be educated so they can participate in their society? 

As reported by the Associated Press – and not for the first time – Taliban men on motorcycles attacked 15 girls on their way to school and squirted their faces with acid. The next morning, no girls showed up at school in Kandahar’s Mirawais Mena girls’ school.

Arsonists have repeatedly attacked girls’ schools and gunmen kill students.  UNICEF says there were 236 school-related attacks in Afghanistan in 2007.

Activism is an important quality of people motivated with a mission to preserve and protect innocents.  Feminists go after fetuses…let them instead go after the Taliban.  I think it would make a huge statement and impact to have American women locked and loaded and protecting these young women who strive for the basic right to an education.

If America’s feminists would commit to such missions, I would respect and support them wholeheartedly.

Baby Boomer Women Are Committing Suicide..Why?

I was at first stunned – then not – to read that research from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health points toward white, middle aged women as being particularly prone to depression leading to suicides.  I’m a middle aged, white, female baby-boomer, so this caught my attention, especially since the researchers seemed clueless as to what would be behind this spike.

Having talked to women for over thirty years on the radio, I think I know.  We middle-aged, white females from the sixties were sold a bill of goods by the originally well-meaning women’s movement.  The bits about equal pay for equal experience and competence were kind of a no-brainer.  The bits about men, marriage, sex, babies, and home-making being negatives in our lives – because, of course, they were oppressive and demeaning – also seemed obvious at the time.  So, with the introduction of consciousness raising (that is, learning to mistrust, not need, and even loathe men) and women’s studies programs (which conceived of elevating women by making them perpetually angry victims), we were on our way to a collision course to today: depression and suicide.

Women who dared to buck the feminista trend and actually marry and make babies, kept close to the sisterhood by not being very sexual, loving, or sensitive to their husbands – or just kept them as shack-up studs – and put their babies in day-care.  They did all of that so they could work at their careers full-time and have financial power.  The thinking was, what if “he” took off with some bimbo or died on them?  Money is power and safety!  They also did all of that so they could feel like “somebody.”  I still have women tell me today that they only allow themselves to feel good when they have a successful career; the loving appreciation of a husband and children are swept aside like so much emotional dandruff.
These white, middle-aged, female baby-boomers starved themselves of the fulfilling emotional meal of actually being a hands-on mom in addition to being their husband’s girlfriend.  Many of them are now divorced, and their adult children hardly spend time any time with them.  The kids learned how to spend time without Mom because she was so “busy, busy, busy” while they were growing up.

I’m not surprised that so many of these women are depressed and suicidal.  Feministas lied to them that they could and would “have it all:” they only had to sacrifice the loveliest parts of their womanhood.

I’m not among them, because I caught myself entering that depressive state.  I’ve been there…done that.  Saved by a marriage and a child!

More on Feminist Studies

In response to last Thursday’s (10/9/08) blog, in which I was critical of the Department of Feminist Studies at the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus (and all those in the USA for that matter), I received a personal letter from Leila J. Rupp, Professor of Feminist Studies and Associate Dean of Social Sciences which confirmed that I was right in assuming that they would never invite me to address their students.  She writes:

“You’re right if all you have to offer is indoctrination.  We are interested in education.”

To reiterate my “points of indoctrination,” I wondered whether this Feminist Studies program would be all inclusive:  Is it going to be critical or celebratory over home-making, traditional family values, home schooling, religion, mothering only after marriage, qualities of a good wife, at-home mothering, avoiding divorce (except in cases of abuse, addiction or affairs) and choosing adoption over abortion?

I also suggested avoiding abortion as birth control, “shacking up,” friends with “benefits,” and buying the lie that hired help and day care are equivalent or superior to a Mommy.

It is amazing how these simple concepts have become “indoctrination” and controversial.  If these issues cannot be presented, what in the heck does the Feminist Studies program call “diversity?”  Perhaps it’s just different ethnicities all saying the same thing.

Save Us From Feminist Studies

I am disheartened to learn that the University of California at Santa Barbara has announced a graduate program (offering Master’s and doctoral degrees) in Feminist Studies.

Tell me if you can make heads or tails of this quote from Eileen Boris, Hull Professor and Chair of Feminist Studies:  “It’s a broadening of women’s studies.  We don’t want to argue over which bodies are included in our field of study; we want to generate new ways of analyzing the world through diverse feminist perspectives.”

I have no clue as to what that means.  I can tell you one thing, however – my experience as a professional and public woman for over three decades has clearly demonstrated to me that there is no permitted diversity in feminist perspectives.  If that were actually so, I’d have been invited long ago to present my “diverse perspective” at some feminist gala or university Feminist Studies class.

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will be all-inclusive.  Is it going to be critical or celebratory over home-making, traditional family values, home schooling, religion, mothering only after marriage, qualities of a good wife, at-home mothering, avoiding divorce (except in cases of abuse, addiction or affairs), and choosing adoption over abortion?

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will bring up the subject of the demeaning and emasculating of men from kindergarten through life.  I’m also wondering if this program will have parallel rebuttals and counter the misinformation and brainwashing so prominent in women’s studies programs, so that the students will have both philosophical and practical sides of an issue (and that would include some male academics as well as females like Christina Hoff Sommers, who wrote Who Stole Feminism).

I’m wondering if this Feminist Studies program will invite me to give the commencement speech, sending graduates off into their lives as angry, bitter, paranoid harridans who cannot imagine being in any way dependent on or respectful of men and masculinity.

I believe there should be one entire four-credit course on “How to Regain Respect from Men.”   This course should include:

* No “friends with benefits” or Saturday night “hook-ups” where men come to see women simply as sex objects.
* No more using abortion as birth control, believing that the freedom to eliminate life from one’s body elevates one’s soul, spirit, self-esteem or value.
* No more “shacking up” and/or having babies out-of-wedlock to prove your lack of need for a man, while denying a child’s need for a father-child relationship.
* No more working yourself into a complete frazzle by working full-time while you’re putting being a Mommy and a wife on the back-burner, and wondering why you’re stressed and unhappy.
* No more buying the lie that hired help and day care are equivalent or superior to your loving touch, voice, input, and very presence.
* No more being hostile to or dismissive of whatever your husband wants or needs because that is the very definition of “oppression.”

And that’s just for starters….

Betty Friedan, founder of NOW (The National Organization of “I Don’t Know What Kind Of” Women) referred to traditional family life as a “comfortable concentration camp” from which women needed liberation.  Sheila Cronan, one of the feminist movement’s most respected leaders and spokeswomen said: “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking marriage.”

Are these to be the heroines for our daughters?

Do Women Fare Better With the GOP?

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are both fishing for the women’s vote – especially disenchanted Hillary Clinton feminists.  Biden has insisted that Republicans, including Sarah Palin, represent a step backwards for women. 

But when you look at the labor market data from the Census Bureau (as Professor Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago has in a new study), to figure out “the amount and reasons for women’s progress in the labor market since the 1960s” something very interesting is revealed. (Wall Street Journal 9/12/08).

In 1988, the last full year of Republican Ronald Reagan’s administration, wage growth for women working full-time throughout the year improved by 8.3% from the end of the Democratic administration of Jimmy Carter.  “Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were all Democrats, yet none of them witnessed much labor-market progress for women during their administrations:  eight years of Reagan, four years of George H.W. Bush, and six years of George W. Bush.”  The Nixon-Ford administrations were the only Republican administrations that didn’t make it to this list of forward momentum for women. 

In the Quarterly Journal of Economics, August, 2008, Professor Mulligan and Yona Rubenstein (from Brown University) calculated the statistics that showed women’s annual wage growth relative to men’s: 

Under Republican administrations, women’s annual wage growth relative to men was .0.87% under George W. Bush, 1.4% under George H.W. Bush, and 1.6% under Ronald Reagon.  Under Democratic administrations, women fared less well.  Their annual wage growth relative to men was 0.21% under Bill Clinton, 0.04% under Jimmy Carter, and minus 1% under Lyndon Johnson. 

I like that color lipstick, especially if the kids are grown or Daddy is home with the kidlets.

Where’s NOW When You Really Need Them?

According to the Associated Press (February 1, 2008), remote-controlled explosives strapped to two mentally retarded women detonated in a coordinated attack on Baghdad pet bazaars on Friday, killing at least 73 people.  The women had Down Syndrome.  Considering the explosives were detonated by remote control, they probably were completely unaware that they were to be used as human bombs.  The attacks were most likely the work of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Associated Press records show that since the start of the war, at least 151 people have been killed in about 17 attacks by female suicide bombers.  Involving women in fighting violates cultural taboos in Iraq, but Al-Qaeda in Iraq is recruiting females to perform suicide attacks because militants are increasingly desperate for volunteers.  Women in Iraq wear the long black overgarments called abayas, and can avoid searches at checkpoints, because men are not allowed to search them, and there aren’t enough female guards.  This is an obvious “PC” mistake – this is war, and such proprieties need to be put by the wayside, because people are being murdered.

I wish NOW (the National Organization for Women) would spend less time on rants assuring women that murdering the babies in their bodies is some kind of noble “right,” and spend their time in the Middle East, protecting women from being used as cannon fodder.

“Women’s Work” SAVES Women’s Lives

Feminism Kills Women: Betty Friedan’s negative view of so-called “women’s work” created a movement that turned family life upside down and wrenched women from their homes. Turns out, women’s work, is the very thing that saves women’s lives!

Research following 200,000 women from nine European countries for an average of over 6 years and 3,423 cases of breast cancer determined that women who exercise by doing the housework can reduce their risk of breast cancer by 30% among the pre-menopausal women and 20% among the post-menopausal women. Continue reading