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Americans Still Support Handgun Ownership

A majority of Americans (59%) say they would oppose a law that banned the sale of handguns.  This number is up substantially from the 1990′s, when it was quite chic to be against the personal ownership of handguns.

Public attitudes (according to are divided along political, gender, and racial lines.  73% of Republicans oppose a ban on handgun sales, which is a view shared by 59% of Independents and 50% of Democrats.

More men than women are opposed to the banning of handgun sales (65% vs. 53%) and more whites than blacks (61% vs. 49%) oppose a ban.

A Lesson From The Massacre At Virginia Tech

     I am “the proud mother of a deployed American paratrooper,” and because of that fact I have, perhaps, a unique perspective on the massacre at Virginia Tech.  
     As a mother I, of course, thought about how horrendous this whole nightmare is to the families of the victims as well as all the emotional damage to the survivors.  From listening to the reports on this heinous occurrence, I heard repeatedly that the shooter had to reload several times and went from classroom to classroom.  As a military mom, I immediately wished that our young people had the same obligation and experience that all young folks in Israel have: two years of military training and service.  Those reloading and trolling periods were windows of opportunity that only young folks trained militarily would have been able to use to subdue or terminate the perp and save many lives. Continue reading