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College Gossip

The Associated Press published a report on the New Jersey prosecutors who have subpoenaed records of, a website that publishes anonymous, often malicious, gossip about college students.  For example, the Princeton University (yeah, the Ivy League school) site produces information such as “the most overrated Princeton student” with the commentary mostly filled with name-calling and slurs against homosexuals and Jews.

The New Jersey Attorney General suggests that JuicyCampus may be violating the state’s Consumer Fraud Act by implying that it doesn’t allow offensive material, but then providing no enforcement of that rule, and no way for users to report or dispute the material.

This site has recently expanded to more than 50 colleges, including Pepperdine University in California, whose student government voted overwhelmingly to request  a ban on the site, although the university has a policy against censoring websites. 

The founder of JuicyCampus, Matt Ivester, seemingly is unconcerned about the backlash.  “Like anything that is even remotely controversial, there are always people who demand censorship,” he told the AP.

It is typically disgusting of such types to invoke censorship issues when the true point is accountability and responsibility – concepts that have become four-letter words in American society.  This site, as abominable as it obviously is, is no different from the millions of blogger sites that already exist, full of hate, vitriol, lies, distortions and character assassinations all for the purpose of self-exaltation, power, meanness, and downright evil. 

Our children obviously have learned all too well from the blogosphere and the general media. 

Just the other day, I communicated with a “formerly esteemed” journalism professor (now retired), to question him on a piece he did about me and my “position” on marital infidelity.  He actually admitted that he did not vet the comments that were repeated and repeated all over the web; he admitted that he did not read the entire transcripts of my interviews; he admitted that he did not view the video on his own.  Can you imagine?  It’s like the feathers released from a pillow on a breezy hill – all of them can never be reclaimed.

I predicted that the Internet would further deplete what was left of the dignity of human discourse, as the basest of attitudes and impulses would be set free.  Any suggestion of the benefits of self-control, accountability, truth or fairness are countered with screams of “censorship!”  Defamation, libel, and slander against others are no longer seen as a line crossed, but as an opportunity for fame and money.

“It is not possible for anyone to use this website to find out who you are or where you’re located,” assures a JuicyCampus privacy page.  “We do not track any information that can be used by us to identify you.”

Cowards and evil-doers use these opportunities to spread their traditional ideas and hate as they hide behind “protection,” while those they hurt have no protection at all.

Muslim Helps Jews During Subway Attack

I don’t know how many of you know, but a little over a week ago, in New York City, a guy and a few of his friends, were on the subway – the Q train – and there were groups of people on the train, and four people come on, all Jewish.  Somebody screams out “Merry Christmas,” and in good feeling, they yelled back “And a Happy Hanukkah.” 

Almost instantly, at least ten guys closed in on them.  One of the guys immediately hiked up his sleeve to show a tattoo of Christ, and said “Happy Hanukkah?  That’s when the Jews killed Jesus.”  The group then increased to fourteen, men and women, who began taunting the four Jews, and called them “dirty Jews,” and “Jew bitches.”  And a fight ensued. Continue reading

Religious Evil and Religious Evil-Doers

Forgive my rage, but a lawsuit is the most gentle response I can think of for what I’d like to have happen to the members and leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.
These pseudo-pious creeps traverse America showing up at the funerals of our fallen military carrying signs that read “Thank God for dead soldiers” sent to fight for the “United States of Sodomy.”  They believe that the death of US servicemen and women in Iraq is God’s punishment for this country’s “tolerance of homosexuality.”  Townsfolk from across the land, local police and firefighters, Patriot Guard bikers and others have shown up each time to try to build a compassionate barrier between these vulgar desecrators and the mourning family and friends. Continue reading

Where’s a Good Firing When You Need One?

As I’ve written in a prior blog, I agreed with the firing of Imus.  His decades of uncivil remarks for “entertainment” (his word) needed to come to a close.   I hope this is just the beginning of firing folks for hateful remarks.  Let’s go to that peace and groovy love group, “Rage Against the Machine.”  In a recent concert in the Coachella Valley in California, lead singer-rapper Zack de la Rocha shouted, “This current administration….should be tried and hung and shot.”  He also likened President Bush to a Nazi war criminal. 

I don’t think Zack ever walked through Dachau concentration camp while it was in operation or since.  I did.  I realized that as a half-Jew I would have died in one of the ovens and my body thrown in a pit, had it not been for an accident of my birth coming after the war. That comparison as well as the death declaration should be enough to fire Zack.  He meant it – Imus was just being a righteous jerk. Continue reading

Calling People Names Is Bad… Not Being Able To Handle Being Called Names Is Worse

I got an e-mail that I thought was terrific to comment on. I think it brings up something incredible that has changed in our society. So I want to (as I usually try to do in these situations) make it a “bigger picture” issue.Right now, I personally boycott any website, blog, newspaper, or magazine that has any posts in it that are anonymous. I think anonymity is one of the greatest assaults we’ve had on the dignity of thought and the properness of speech. People write the most nauseating, hateful, ugly, nasty stuff and get away with it, because they’re anonymous. Discourse is dropped; people are attacked – it’s awful. So I personally won’t look at any site, newspaper or magazine that does that routinely, and I don’t think you should either. I think if you’re not going to stand by what you’re saying, then it isn’t worth reading or hearing about. If you’re that cowardly, your opinion is meaningless, or should be held such, by reasonable people. And then “Mark” sent this. This is a reasonable question, but I bet Mark is a lot younger than me. And I’ll tell you how I know that at the end: Continue reading