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Gettin’ Fit

In conjunction with, my personal trainer, Jason Baker, and I
created a series of fitness videos for women that help combat life’s everyday challenges with strength training moves, injury-preventing exercises, and easy-to-incorporate de-stressing techniques entitled “Dr. Laura’s Gettin’ Fit! With Jason Baker.” The exercises don’t require any special equipment (except for an occasional free weight), and are easy to perform. To give you an idea of how simple moves can help you to maintain your fitness, below are two free videos: “Dare to Take the Stairs” and “Handbag Posture” (and you know exactly what that is if you’re female, because you probably carry your life around with you in your purse).

Handbag PostureVideo: Handbag Posture Dare to Take the Stairs
Video: Dare to Take the Stairs


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