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Susan Boyle Wows Everyone…Almost

I love Susan Boyle.  I’ve never watched any of those “Idol,” “Model,” or “Talent” shows.  The only reason I know of Susan Boyle is that she has hit the news big time.  For those of you, like me, who don’t keep up with these shows, Susan Boyle made a big hit on “Britain’s Got Talent” as a singer.

Unfortunately, the news was two-fold:  boy, is she ever unattractive, and boy, can she ever sing.

Susan Boyle is 47, overweight, flabby, and has graying, frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows, and a blubbery face.  Susan Boyle also has the singing ability of an angel, giving a performance of the Les Miserables tune “I Dreamed A Dream”  that has made her an instant star with more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Now the debates rage:  should she or shouldn’t she get some kind of makeover to look prettier on camera?    The United Kingdom’s Guardian published a “no, she shouldn’t; she should stay natural” comment from one of their most “done over” women stars.  Others are repulsed by her looks, and can’t imagine that beautiful voice coming from such a plain, frumpy woman.

Many of those 20 million plus YouTube views very likely occurred simply because of that incredible contrast.  For many, it was like watching a geek or freak show, so they could laugh at her lack of physical attributes, without, of course, looking in the mirror themselves.

Me?  I give her lots of credit for being more focused on her voice than on her lack of beauty.  She is definitely not attractive.  Should she get face work to match the scores of women who all look like they came out of the same factory:  the puffed-up face, abnormally protruding cheeks, and lips that look like the rump side of an orangutan?  I wouldn’t advise it.

Clearly, this is not a woman of means…yet.  So, getting her hair colored and calmed down, learning some makeup tips, and having clothes which best compliment her ample figure is something that is probably in the works now, which means that she’d be spiffing up what she has, and not getting surgically transformed into a vision which will make the snide snickers go away.  Making the best of what you have is admirable and advisable; getting re-made into something nobody is, is not admirable nor advisable.

And the main point is that she has a beautiful voice, and a tremendous amount of talent.  If she were “pretty,” I wonder how many YouTube hits there would have been.  Gosh…I long for the days before television and the Internet, when only the quality of what a person had to offer was revealed.

Dumb Is As Dumb Does

Let me just start out by saying that women are not inherently dumb.  But, gosh darn it, some of us do some pretty dumb things…especially in the name of “beauty.”  I am charmed by the way that Joan Rivers makes fun of her own predicament with one too many way too tight face lifts on a television commercial….she grabs her face and questions whether or not she’s smiling because she can no longer feel her face to sense her own expressions.  That’s funny – but the odd look of her face isn’t.

I get too many women calling my radio show wanting permission to get all sorts of things done to their bodies to seem more attractive when, in fact, their husbands couldn’t care less…they just want more loving access to their wives’ sensual bodies…imperfect or not!  It rarely seems to matter that their husbands lust for them just the way they are.  Astonishing.

Now women are lining up for torn tendons and ligaments as well as herniated discs by wearing higher and higher heeled and platformed shoes — 6 to 8 — inch stilettos are selling like crazy.  These shoes, which feature peep-toes, have been made popular by important role models such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson.  It would appear that women want to imitate sex symbols, without necessarily being sexual with the men who love, adore, support and protect them.  So what is it?  Women want to look good to other women but not their own men?

Men do like women in high-heels, because they are daring and show off the curves of a woman’s legs.  In fact, the stiletto was invented in the 1950′s by Salvatore Ferragamo for the sex siren, Marilyn Monroe.  However, her heels never went over 3 inches…and that somehow didn’t stop women from copying the style, or men from drooling over her image.
Having the fashion industry push the limits of shoe heel height just to start a new trend to make more money is free commerce…having women be so foolish as to respond positively is just plain dumb.
It gets dumber: some women (older but definitely not more mature), are getting injections of a cosmetic filler such as Restylane or Juvederm to plump up the balls of their feet so they can more comfortably wear these ridiculous shoes…that makes them more comfortable, but definitely not safer.
The last time women were this dumb was in the 15th century in Europe when upper-class women wore 11 inch high blocky platforms called Chopines.  They had to have servants on each arm to help them walk without falling.
There may be a price to pay for beauty, as the saying goes, but the price shouldn’t be giving up good sense or good health.  And I wish more women who are wives would spend more time concerned with what their husbands want to see of them than what Jessica Simpson is wobbling around on.