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Why Men Are Failing

I read in an article in Slate by a professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Texas at Austin. I had some problems with some of his explanations, but the main point is so right on! Women and girls today are, by and large, really stupid about love and sex. As I have said so many times to women who have called my radio show:“Why are you acting like an unpaid whore? Whatever happened to wanting to be on a pedestal?”

Women in America are the freest of any women in the world and they make stupid choices without thinking about the consequences to their lives and the out-of-wedlock kids or the wedlock kids, and then the divorce.

The article is called “Sex is Cheap: Why Young Men Have the Upper Hand in Bed, Even When They’re Failing in Life.” I’ve always said it’s the women who decide the level of morality in a society. What women will and won’t do is the line in the sand.

Women used to take some pride in deciding with whom and when they would have sex. In the animal kingdom, males have to fight and dance in order to qualify to have sex with the females – they either have to fight other males for access, or they have to enthrall the female somehow, which is one of the reasons males of the species are usually prettier than the females. Male birds are usually more colorful, because they need to impress to get the girl. There are species in which males have to make an entire nest or the female won’t be bothered! Critters whose brains are a microscopic percentage of human brains, with little or no gray matter, seem to have better sense when it’s instinctive, as opposed to when there is freedom of choice.

As women have gotten weaker and stupider, more kids are born out-of-wedlock, and there’s more chaos, violence, and drug use so more kids are ADHD because their lives are total chaos. 

Yes, I blame it on the women, and I am a woman. We are the ones who determine everything when it comes to relationships. A guy used to have to get down on one knee, convince your parents he was worthy and could support a family, had to court you for at least a year and a half, then maybeyou’d say “yes” if you thought he’d make a quality husband and father. Now, women just drop their pants if it’s Tuesday….or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

So this article is pretty interesting, because it says young men are failing to adapt to contemporary life, but the author thinks it’s all supply and demand. He has good arguments, but I don’t agree with them. I think we’ve just had a generalized destruction of the fabric of society. You can hardly find a commercial on TV that doesn’t use blatant, meaningless sexuality to sell a product. Children are brought up to think this is normal.

Any woman who volunteers to NOT be on a pedestal is stupid. She is missing out on something adorable and sweet – a man wooing, wanting, and working to earn her. Now, women have a date and a half and are on their backs or on their knees. Women are putting perfectly good prostitutes out of business. At least the commitment those “working girls” get is money. Now “good girls” will do it for nothing, just to be there.

What makes all this horrible is the number of girls who get knocked up, and either have the baby sucked into a sink or believe they can handle it themselves. The kids have no dad and no extended family structure. It’s all very sad, and it’s overwhelmingly the fault of the woman, because we’re the ones making these decisions. Unless it is assaultive criminal rape, we make these decisions. We get drunk, we get naked, we do whatever, and then we generalize it and justify it in some stupid way, but basically speaking, that’s it.

So young men aren’t working hard anymore, and their failures in life aren’t penalizing them in the bedroom. Ironically (and I’ve pointed this out many times), being so sexually successful hinders a man’s drive to achieve in life. It used to be a well-known statistic men who are married, have children, and work hard to support their families are more successful than single dudes, because they have something to live for and to work for. Guys don’t have that anymore. They have women who aren’t expecting them to be more or to do more.

Cheap sex is what women settle for, and that’s what they get. When they are not respected, they’re not adored, they’re not revered, they’re not loved, they’re not really wanted, and they’re not on a pedestal. Then do you know what they do?

They bitch.

Interview with Premarital Counseling Experts

Dr. Roger Tirabassi has led popular pre-marital seminars in California which have prepared over 1000 couples for marriage.  He and his wife Becky have co-authored Seriously Dating or Engaged: A PreMarital Workbook, which gives couples the tools they’ll need for enjoying a lasting relationship.  I wanted to talk with them to find out exactly how they prepare couples and what they’re finding in today’s social environment: Listen to the Interview

Interview with Parents Who Had Wrong Embryo Implanted

It’s a nightmare no one wants to live out in real life.  Carolyn and Sean Savage, undergoing an in vitro fertilization (IVF) transfer, had the wrong embryo implanted, yet they brought the baby to term and then turned the infant over to his genetic parents.  I wanted to talk to this courageous couple about their heartbreaking journey.  Listen to the interview here.

Interview with Country Singer Craig Morgan on Heroism

What does it mean to be a ”hero,” and why do some people jump right in and others stand on the sidelines?

Country Singer Craig Morgan is best known for his songs: “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester” among others. He’s been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and is the star of the reality series: “Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors.” Craig also spent 10 years on active duty in the U.S. Army and is a tireless supporter of U.S. soldiers and their families. 

Craig very recently rescued two small children from a burning house in his Tennessee neighborhood.  Yet he says he’s NOT a hero.  There are reasons why some “ordinary” people end up doing extraordinary things when the chips are down.  Listen to the Interview

Delaying Early Sex Leads to Better Relationships

You young women who have hooked up a lot (you know, you’ve had sex because you had 15 minutes, were a little horny, wanted a release, you wanted a little excitement, etc.) – do you feel better about yourself?  Does it make sex a more valued entity in your life?  I’ve been talking about this for decades.  Trivializing something so incredible is a mistake. 

A recent study finds that waiting for sex is linked to better communication and stability in a relationship.  So for all of you who laugh at the religiously Orthodox types who barely even touch fingers (much less kiss), what do they actually spend time doing?  Actually getting to know one another!    Having sex early in a relationship, the study reads, may lead to less satisfying marriages because couples can fail to develop important skills to communicate well and resolve conflicts. 

The study, done at Brigham Young University, found that married couples who had delayed sex while they were dating were more likely to communicate, enjoy sex, and have more stable marriages than those who had sex early on.  They were also more generally satisfied with their marriages.

Why would rushing into sex impede marital happiness?  According to the study’s co-author, people who quickly become intimate end up marrying even if they are incompatible, because they become entangled in a relationship that becomes difficult to end.  This is especially true for women. Read my book Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives – I have a whole chapter on this.

According to the study, the longer sex was delayed, the longer the more participants in the study reported a better quality of sex, better communication, more relationship satisfaction, and more perceived relationship stability.  Waiting until marriage to have sex had the strongest correlation with a positive outcome.

You can’t conclude that pre-marital sex (assuming you were going to marry that person) necessarily leads to a bad marriage.  It doesn’t mean that the marriage is doomed.  It just means that sex creates a sense of attachment and finality that leads people not to be objective anymore.  If they’re hot and heavy every time they see each other, then the incompatibility and lack of a potential future just gets ignored.  And spouses with a lot of sexual memories of other partners may find the bar for satisfaction very high.

In contrast, people with fewer sexual memories don’t expect a virtual circus of activity.  Basically, they’re as good at sex as they believe themselves to be. It becomes very complicated to leave a relationship when sex leads the relationship.  Objectivity is lost, people shack up and make babies out of wedlock, and all these things just start falling over each other until you realize you’re stuck.  And then you call me and say “what should I do?”  I just have to shrug my shoulders.